On Nov 7th my Kickstarter campaign to fund my first book ended. It was a massive month finishing the book text, laying out the design and doing 5 rounds of proof reading. 

124 wonderful people supported my campaign and helped me reach 200% of the target I needed to get the book made. This completely blew me away and I immediately contacted my printers and told them to start printing.

Two weeks later the books were being packaged and ready to get on a boat for Australia.

This is what 1000 books looks like. A Literary Bestiary

this is what 1000 books looks like.

After I had reached my initial goal (in less than 24 hours!!), I decided I had to do something very special. I pondered ways to make the book really spectacular and decided to upgrade the cover illustration to shiny spot gloss and finish the letting in beautiful gold foil.

The books sailed from China last week and are due to land on the 13th of December. I made a promise to myself to get the kickstarter rewards out before Christmas and so I organised to have 3 boxes of books shipped by airmail so we could fulfill the orders. 

Me with the very fist copy of the book

The Book is here!

Kickstarter rewards will start shipping out asap along with other limited edition items such as poster prints and brooches.

one of my new limited edition platypus brooches.

The new P.L.Atypus Travers Brooch

We will have a very small number of books available at the Big Design Market this weekend as well as some prints and book related goodies!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported my book. 

xo Tasha xo


November 23, 2016

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