5 things to do while waiting for the post!

Waiting for the post sucks. No matter how quickly it arrives it always feels like forever. If you’re like me you might need some distractions to keep you from peering out the blinds and pacing nervously every 5 mins.

Here are my 5 favourite things to do while I’m waiting:

  1. Mindful colouring.

babushka bunting sheet

Mindful colouring keeps your brain fresh and calm and occupied. It stills your mind and helps you make better decisions. Sometimes for me this evolves into mindless colouring when I think about everything except what I’m doing. If you want to do some mindful/mindless colouring of your own you can download and print our free babushka animals colouring sheet here.



2. Exercise. Nothing beats the tedium of waiting for the post person (or stalking them like a super spy) like doing some healthy exercise.

Doing post squats will ensure you never get any online shopping related injuries from picking up heavy parcels in a hurry and accidentally pulling a muscle. Boo. So get yourself all warmed up and do some ‘parcel-pickup squats’ – like regular air squats only you’re imagining yourself picking up your amazing parcel as you do them.


Then practice your ‘post box sprints’ –again, like regular sprints but you imagine you see the delivery person in the distance and you know they have a parcel for you but they aren’t even attempting to deliver it. They pull out a white ‘you were not at home’ card and like that scene in ‘The Matrix’ everything is slowed down to super slow motion and as they go to place it in the box you start sprinting towards the box. If you can get there in time you might just get your parcel. If you don’t you are doomed to have to fight your way through the line at the post office to collect your package (but not before 3pm – aaargh – how frustrating).

Now do some ‘Jubly-jumps’ – again – these are like the standard star-jumps, just jublier … great practice for when you get your Jubly-Umph package because you’ll be so excited you’ll be jumping for joy!

  1. Online shopping.


OK yeah so it will mean more waiting for the post but now you’ve got this awesome list it’s not going to be so bad right? While you wait for your package to arrive why not plan your next purchases? Put the items on your wish-list or go ahead and treat yourself now! (p.s. use code: TEAMJUBLY for 10% off your next order)

Go shopping now!

  1. Instagram planning.

The unboxing needs to be styled right? Get scheming. It’s your time to shine baby. Pull out your best #stayweird stuff and don’t forget to use #teamjubly and #jublymail so we can share the insta love.


January 01, 2017 — Jubly Umph

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