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Your Story...

You probably came here because you're just like me.

You’re a bit quirky, you’re a bit unusual and you’re a little outside the mainstream.

You strive to be different from all the other folk out there because that is your strength.

You want to wear things that show the world that you’re strong, different, and unique. That means you need one-off items that are exclusive and locally designed.

You’ll be the only one at the party who is wearing that outfit and you want it to turn heads and start conversations. You want it to say something! You want it to mean something!

I know all this because that is exactly how I feel too.

Our Story...

Yep, I have that same old sob story. I was the fat kid, the outsider. I was always reading (still am), drawing away in the corners of my school books, moving around from school to school, introverted and depressed. It reads like a bad movie script.

The movie is called ‘Coffee and Teen Angst.’

It sucked. I always felt different and my self-confidence was at an all-time low.

I decided that if I always FELT different then I should BE different. I would travel the world and be an artist, a feminist, a vegetarian and a black belt in karate. I would stand up for what I believed in.

Be Weird, Stay Weird.

I can’t say that finding the confidence to be all those things happened overnight, as it has been a very long journey. I still battle with depression and self-doubt every now and then, but I’m getting there.

My journey took me around the world through many different jobs and cities. It was a journey toward the belief that what I do is worthwhile, and the trust that I have something important to say.

I hope I can help you find the inspiration you need to embrace your weird, and stay weird too.

xo Tasha and the Jubly Crew.