About Us

Jubly umph dictionary reference

 Jubly-Umph is a Melbourne artist who paints pictures in watercolours and indian ink creating characters with mysterious eyes and curious occupations. Her lovely lady heads are instantly recognisable and owning one is like being in a secret club. She is influenced by traditional tattoos, folk art and Victorian sentimental ephemera.

Jubly-Umph Originals is an indie brand from Melbourne, Australia. We love pop-culture, tattoo art, strong coffee and musty books. Our products are for quirky ladies and dapper gentlemen. Each piece is made from original artworks in small runs and limited editions making them accessible and collectible. Based on the artwork of Tasha Miller (AKA Jubly-Umph/Madame Jubly) each piece is original, fun and a little bit weird. All Jubly-Umph products are 100% animal friendly and vegan and use only the highest quality hypo-allergenic stainless steel and faux-leather. Jubly-Umph Originals has been featured in numerous publications such as The Age, Frankie, Shop til you drop, Inked Au, Post Modern Ink, Vintage Caravan Mag and on the hit tv shows Winners & Losers and House Husbands. Jubly-Umph are proud to support local animal charities such as the Hepburn Wildlife Shelter, Sea Shepherd and Tin Can Town.  

Meet The Team!

Jubly Umph Artist

Tasha Miller

Tasha is a self-taught artist who specialises in pen and ink works on paper and digital art. She is a mad-keen reader, book collector and coffee lover who from a young age couldn’t help being a bit weird and different so decided to embrace it.

She loves animals, is a long time vegetarian (20 years) and also has a black belt in karate.

Her favourite job (except this one) was working as a spruiker for a comedy show at the Edinburgh Festival.

Tasha is in charge of all art and design.

Paul from Jubly-Umph

Paul O’Leary

Paul is originally from West Cork in Ireland. He came out to Australia backpacking in 2006 and never looked back. He likes dogs, brewing beer, making Irish jokes and stroking his beard in an evil way.

His persistent requests to be referred to in the office only as ‘Professor Mac Daddy O’Silver Beard’ have gone largely ignored.

He is in charge of customer service and general nonsense.


Jeremy Meaden

Jeremy is a musician with well known SKA/punk band The Resignators. He plays trumpet, rides a motorcycle and has an impressive beard and twirly moustache. When not working in the Jubly empire he deals in vintage Gameboy consoles and composes music.

He is in charge of order fulfilment and customer service


Stacey Moore

Stacey is a former truck driver and bar manager from Northern Ireland. She loves horses, drinking beer and book keeping.

Stacey is in charge of bookkeeping and accounts and spends a lot of time yelling at Paul.

George and Penny

George and Penny

George and Penny are the office dogs. George is possibly a schnauzer or a teacup staghound who was rescued from Save A Dog Animal Rescue. He likes sitting in front of the heater, telling stories and scaring delivery men. His life aim is to spend as much time as possible sitting on peoples laps.

Penny is a fox terrier who was rescued from Ballarat RSPCA. She likes sitting in front of the heater, licking people(a lot) and destroying shoes, hats and anything left lying around.