Some people are granny crafters and some people are mummy crafters and some are even hipster crafters(crocheted beard anyone?). They are all excellent things to be....but I wanted to make something for the people who are like me, a bit bitchy and a bit crafty.

The Crafty Bitch print is one of 8 NEW art prints online now. Yes, I got them done just in time for Supanova Brisbane next weekend (please come visit us if you're there).

poison bottles, crafty yarn balls, dapper foxes and quirky tattoos. New art prints in store now

One of the things that you asked for in our survey was more bundles and we listened! You can now buy our prints separately for $19.95 each or get a bundle of 3 for $50!!


Drink me poison bottle print.

Drink know you want to...

My Heart Is Filled With Wanderlust Tattoo Globe Print

My Heart Is Filled With Wanderlust Print

Like a queen bee! Dont be a drone or a worker! Be a queen bee

Like A Queen Bee!!

November 05, 2016 — Jubly Umph

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