Hello fellow weirdos and pin lovers,

In early September I launched a new collection called Strong AF! 

It's a collection that I've picked up and put down a few times this year because designing it kind of gave me a fair bit of anxiety.

Ironically, the collection is about the everyday (often very well hidden!) battles that we face.

Im staying home haunted house illustration

We're all going through our own stuff. Some days are better than others. Some weeks kick our butts. Some battles last a lifetime.

But there's one thing I do know: We're all seriously strong A.F. Sometimes it may not feel that way, but that's okay too.

Strong AF heart illustration inspirational

This collection is an acknowledgement of life's ups and downs.

It's for people who need an extra spoon, and who probably prefer to stay home.

It is for all those who are fighting invisible battles, and for all those who are over-thinkers and anxiety experts.

And it is definitely for all those that are Strong As Fuck! Because they got through.


fighting invisible battles illustration by Jubly-Umph


So if you need a pin to remind people that we're all perfectly imperfect in our own way, we've got you covered.

These are a reminder that no matter what you're dealing with, you are brave, and you are fearless.

You are strong AF.

New collection is coming soon

The collection features 8 new pin designs as shown above. 

PS. Let me know in the comments which design speaks to you the most!

September 02, 2019


Kersten said:

Love them all! I’m currently signed off work for undiagnosed (under investigation) physical health issues with resultant mental health issues, so the Staying At Home, Anxiety Expert, I Didn’t Want To Come and Fighting Invisible Battles are perfect.

Bettina said:

Can’t choose just one!!
I’ll be buying the whole set x3.
I set for me and the other sets for gifts!
Love them all

Peta-Anne said:

Definitely “Fighting Invisible Battles”, and the spoon one (I am managing MS). I do like the “Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come” one will be perfect for all those meetings I have to go to.

Sonya said:

Can wait for the T-shirt’s with those prints come out.. Positive and affirmative messages I would be wrapped to wear around.. 🙌🏻🙏🏻

Sonya said:

Can wait for the T-shirt’s with those prints come out.. Positive and affirmative messages I would be wrapped to wear around.. 🙌🏻🙏🏻

Caitlin O'Connor said:

Wow, I can hardly choose! Last spoon and fighting invisible battles, because I’ve been living with chronic physical illness since 1991, but I also have anxiety caused by bipolar so the “sorry I’m late” and “anxiety expert” also speak loudly to me….and, since my brother had a heart transplant last year, I love the heart, too. And I am still, 40 years after first starting to sew, battling perfectionism….(and not just in sewing…)
See? How can I choose?
Great collection!

Lynette said:

Fighting Invisible Battles. I have been fighting several medical problems for approximately 30 years now. The only difference is that now I have grey/white hair – recently dyed bright blue (love the DARE dyes) and I use a cane or wheelchair to get around. I do not look like I have anything wrong on the outside, but inside I am a mess. The “don’t judge a book by its cover” really applies and I get some bad looks and some nasty comments. Proverbials help those people if my daughters are with me. They immediately go to kill mode as they have seen what I have had to deal with and like me do not take crap from anyone. I love all of your pins and between myself and my daughters, we probably have most of the pins that you have made. Please continue to do what you do so well. Thank you

Sue said:

I love the ’I’m staying home’ very much. This new range speaks to us all.Love them.

Jennie Garland said:

Ahh… Perfectly Imperfect, Last Spoon & Fighting Invisible Battles all speak to me…thank you! And we get you coz you get us! ♥️💞💕

Tamasin said:

My newborn daughter had open heart surgery at 10 days old and has 2 more surgeries to go. She is so strong. And her middle names are Aileen Frances… AF! I can’t wait to get the Strong AF pin for us both, it’s perfect.

Megan said:

They are ALL amazing. My favorites would have to be ‘Over Thinker’, ‘Anxiety Expert’ and ‘Fighting Invisable Battles’. I adore all your designs, it’s just about time I bought some 😊❤️

Hedda said:

My Last Spoon, Perfectly Imperfect, I’m Staying Home… SO much love for all of these! I can’t wait for Thursday!

Jenni said:

The Strong AF heart! My two boys had heart transplants… no need to say more.

Dans said:

Love love love this collection!
Thank you for putting our words into beautiful pins, so everyone can just know without us introverts having to say so.

Melissa said:

Your awesome Strong AF resonates so much with me. I have bi-polar and also a VP shunt for pressure on my brain. But I work, I live every day to the fullest. Sometimes it’s tough, but I’m tougher.

Rylie said:

I love the I didn’t want to come pin, so me. I’d also love to see a “don’t touch me” or “not a hugger”. It never seems socially appropriate to refuse unwanted physical contact :(

Annabelle said:

I love the “over thinker, perfectly imperfect and the I’m staying home” one’s as they are relevant to me in more ways than one!

Annabelle said:

I love the “over thinker, perfectly imperfect and the I’m staying home” one’s as they are relevant to me in more ways than one!

Tracy Burrows said:

My favourites are ‘I’m staying home’ & ‘perfectly imperfect’. I used to be a total extrovert but over the past few years something has shifted & whilst I still enjoy socialising, I’m often happier just hanging out at home. And as I get older I’m learning to accept myself as I am, and embrace the me who is ‘perfectly imperfect’

Bec said:

I love the last spoon pin. I told my sister in law about the spoon theory in an effort to help her understand get limitations with her arthritis. She totally gets it now and doesn’t push herself too hard anymore.

Tracey said:

All of these. I’m an infj introvert empath, and I need all of these….

Shelley said:

I can see “Fighting Invisible Battles” selling out very quickly. And I love the spoon.

Letitia said:

Over thinker and Anxiety Expert hit home for me.

But the Strong AF Pin is something I will be buying for myself and my two best friends as we all need to remember just how strong we are.

Thank you so much for making these Pins they’re amazing 💕

Lani said:

Oh and i dont want to come lolol

Lani said:

Haha over thinker! But all of them! Sooooo good! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Angie said:

I love them all. I can relate to them all. I’ve just had both my feet rebuilt and I’m working on learning to walk for the 7th time… so I’m going to go for Strong AF, but I also wouldn’t mind an extra spoon in my arsenal while I fight invisible battles either 😉😎😂❤️

Michelle Parker said:

They speak to me when I reflect on different days however the “Fighting Invisible Battles” really resonates with me. Thankyou Jubly-Umph!

Kym Wilkinson said:

Over thinker all the way 😉

Amanda said:

It’s so hard trying to be perfect all the time, I think the perfectly imperfect pin would help to remind me (and others) it’s okay to just be yourself and make mistakes.

Zoe Greene said:

Oh wow! I love them all but I think my favorite and the one that speaks to me most is the “Sorry I’m late I didnt want to come” . Thats usually my motto for most days and social events.

Kerstin said:

I love all of them but the one that speaks to me most is “Fighting Invisible Battles”

Wilga K said:

I would buy a huge number of Fighting Invisible Battles – sums up all the women I work with perfectly. I clearly identify with all the sentiments but, much as I would like to, would probably feel bad actually wearing Sorry I’m late….to someone’s house. My least fav is Strong AF – although, my cardiologist friend might like a Strong Atrial Fibrillation heart when the actual sentiment is a bit different! Great collection…again!

Sharon said:

Ooooo I love them but I think “I’m staying home” is my favourite. I love that you have thought of a mental health theme x

Michelle Lupton said:

Oh my giddy aunt!

Amy said:

I can’t wait for this collection to come out!! I’ve been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for 2 years and it sucks! The spoon theory is my way of explaining to people that I can’t do everything I used to but it’s not through lack of trying. I will be buying my pin!! 💜🥰 it’s nice to know you’re not alone.

Shona said:

I love them all! I particularly like ‘fighting invisible battles’, anxiety expert’ and ‘I didn’t want to come’.

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