Book week is that very special time of year when parents around the country have to pull out the paper mache, craft glue and sewing machine and throw together an elaborate costume for their children's favorite book.


I have fond memories of my mother making meter long yellow paper braids so I could go to book week as Rapunzel.


ps they have some great Gruffalo costume ideas HERE

For some book week is a time of joy and creativity and for others is is pure stress as you try to figure out how to get an elaborate life sized Gruffalo costume into a small sedan car to take to school. 


After chatting to a number of parents we have come up with 3 ways to survive book week!


1. Pick an easy costume and work backwards

I know book week is about choosing a fav book character but sometimes it is just not possible to sew a Gruffalo furry costume overnight and maybe it would be better to just throw a sheet over their head and cut out some eyes and have them go as Peeves the Poltergeist from Harry Potter.

2. Don't forget it is meant to be fun!

Its easy to get caught up in the stress of finding the perfect book and making a great costume but don't forget book week is all about fun and a love of reading. 

3. Disneybounding is a thing!!

Disneybounding (ie, the practice of dressing up in regular clothes that match your fav character), is totally a THING! It means that you have a costume sitting right there in your wardrobe. You can be a wonderful witch(Is there room on the broom?), daring princess, or flying nanny with things you find around the house. You can read more about Disneybounding HERE

4. Steal ideas off the internet

Basically the whole point of pinterest is to give us good photo/craft/food/life ideas and arrange them in a pretty format. A number of people have already put together boards filled with book week or world book day costume ideas. Here is a great one I found complete with make up tutorials.


Do you have any tips for surviving book week? Or a Fav costume you have made or worn? Tell me in the comments below!


Book pins for book week! 

The perfect accessory for book week is, of course, a book themed pin. Here are some of my favs!

For reading addicts...

For Book Nerds...

And for those that deserve an award...

August 19, 2019


Lily said:

I’ve sewn a hooded reversible black & purple cape that is floor length this year. Hopefully it’ll serve as a versatile costume for years to come!

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