Procrastination week is the first 2 weeks of March, but I don't always get around to celebrating then, so I am doing it now....

Procrastination week celebrates 'positive procrastination' and, in this mad, fast paced world where everything needs to be done 5 mins ago, it encourages people to slow down and put off things that can be put off. 

Here are 5 things I have been procrastinating about lately:

1. I put off designing a new collection- yep we have had less launches this year...

2. I put off celebrating world procrastination week(sure, we're a little late)

3. I bought stuff on Afterpay- its like procrastination for money (you can do some procrasti-shopping here)...I shall now refer to is as Pro-crafti-pay...

4. Procrasti-baking where all delicious muffins and cupcakes come from...

5. Pro-craft-inating...which started out with cleaning my studio but ended up with me discovering and playing with lots of craft supplies I had forgotten about. (Also check out my procraftinator pin)



I'll be honest, procrastinating has been so much of my life that I have now figured out how to make it a positive thing. If I don't want to clean my house I start working on my taxes(which I hate) and suddenly cleaning my house is more appealing.

always a procraftinator glue gun 


If I don't want to go out an socialise I start doing my taxes and suddenly going out is more you sense a theme? It is basically blackmail for my brain.

Because procrastination has been with me my whole life I have learnt to find ways around it. For example, I don't want to pack orders at the moment but fortunately I have an awesome team who is going to pack all the cute Jubly orders for me, Hurrah!

I hope you get a chance to slow down and enjoy Procrastination Week. If you forget just think of this great procrastination quote from Gone With The Wind-

"I won't think about that now, I'll think about that tomorrow" 


AKA: Chief procrastinator

ps. because I obviously wrote this blog post last minute please forgive any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and made up words...

pss. What are your fav ways to procrastinate? Let me know in the comments...

psss.(is that a thing?) Check out my fav pro-crafty-nator pins HERE

October 01, 2019


Michelle Lupton said:

I would totally buy a pin that said “procrastibaker”. Also one that says “procraftinator”.

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