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Since I learnt to read, books have been my constant companion. I love nothing more than reading a book to pass the time, and to discover new places and escape the world for a few hours. For me, reading is not just a hobby. It’s a way of life. 

Every single day provides new opportunities to read. No matter my mood, there is always a book that can match it. Hard day? Read this book. Good day? Read that book. Wet and rainy? Read a book inside. Warm and sunny? Read a book outside. Every occasion is an opportunity to read, and once I start reading, that book isn’t getting put down for a while! Once I crack open that spine, I’m going to need to finish it. 


My dream house doesn’t have a pool or spa. It has a library and cosy nooks for whiling away the hours reading. Currently, my house has an abundance of books on the tables, floors and almost every place you look. I believe that good books are priceless, and that’s why you can never have too many.

keeper of books

Now. You and I, we understand the power of a good read: The plot with unexpected and exciting twists, the characters that you wish were your best friend, and the adventure that makes you feel like anything and everything is possible. 

Books aren’t just letters on a page: They are full of hope and possibility. They show the complexity and similarities between us all and they open a portal to a new world that is nothing short of magic. 

books are magic pin

This collection is for the words lovers, book collectors, avid readers and bookworms.

My new collection launches at 12 pm on Thursday 12th August (AEST). 

Which design is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay safe, and look after yourselves and each other.

Lots of Love, Tasha and the Jubly Crew. XX

August 09, 2021


Jamie said:

Definitely the “keeper of books”… it is absolutely me!

Rielle Moises said:

Love ‘Keeper of Books’ and also ‘Books are Magic’ so very true

Linda Tyldesley said:

I have 3 favorites, (but really like all of them):
☆Keeper of the Books
☆Books are Magic

DCh said:

Love ‘Books are Magic’ – so true. They can take you anywhere!

Martha Hone-Warren said:

I love BOTH “Books are Magic” and “Keeper of Books”! I will be buying the whole collection! Thank you

Jennifer Miller said:

‘Books Are Magic’ is my favourite pin. Books can take you to a magical world where you can forgot about everything else while you are there.

Audrey said:

Gotta get “Keeper of Books” & “Binge Reader”

tracy said:

books ARE magic- says it all

Candi said:

I love the fox with indoors!! Especially when it’s very hot outside!!

Anne-Marie said:

Super excited about this collection as I love “Books are Magic” & “Indoorsy” so can’t wait to bring them over to England.
Take care lovely ladies & stay safe,
Love Anne-Marie xXx

Ann said:

Love- Books are magic, it’s so true.
Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.
I’m so blessed to work in a library.

Lisa Carney said:

The “ keeper of books” ! Love it, my fave so far!

Lisa Carney said:

The “ keeper of books” ! Love it, my fave so far!

Grace said:

“Books are Magic”. When I am feeling a bit down, I read a book to transport me to a far away place.

Alannah said:

I love them all! :D I know many of my friends will too :)

Sonja said:

Choose 1! First sight, indoorsy then I saw binge reader and then keeper of books. I can see an order of a new collection in my future.

Lydia said:

Keeper of Books is the best, fight me :)

Julie Jackson said:

Ooooh want the Binge Reader and Keeper of Books ones, already have your previous Books are Magic on my work lanyard

Ruth Crossley-Murr said:

what a fox, indoorsy, cant wait

Carol Cary said:

I love keeper of books and binge reader. They both relate to me.

Olivia Kay said:

Love love love the Binge reader!
It is my secret power….can pick up 6 books on a Friday arvo and return them all read to the library on Sat am!!

Melek Tekin said:

You got me with “keeper of books”. Absolutely love it. We have 7000 books and we can’t bare to part with any of them.

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