One of my favourite things about running Jubly-Umph is all the lovely messages I receive from people telling me why they’re drawn to my designs.

But one message has always stuck with me: A customer described my pins as ‘pieces of armour they could put on to get them through the day.'

And that's precisely the way I want people to feel wearing my designs (and articulated better than I have ever managed). You can reach for one of my designs whenever you have to do something scary, or hard, or unexpected.

Because, although staying in your comfort zone is great (it’s cosy and safe) …. every time we do something that doesn’t come naturally - we grow.

I love the idea that each design helps give the wearer a little bit of extra courage, boldness, or sass.

So, now you know exactly what to reach for on the days when you just need to say 'fuck it' and lean into the ridiculousness and confusion of life. After all, we're all a little mad here.


Because even when you feel as if you’re being silenced, or when you have to push and fight to be seen and heard, you can still persist and stand tall. No matter what others think, your voice is valuable and important.



On other days you might just need a reminder of exactly how wonderful you are.

Sometimes it’s necessary to sing your own praise and own your creative fucking genius. 

Then there are other days when you managed to hold yourself together, put your head down, ignore all the crap around you, and just get it done. 

Sure, you would have rather reacted, but you didn’t??? That in itself is worth an award.


My new earrings launch at 12 pm on Thursday 15th July (AEST). 

Which design is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay safe, and look after yourselves and each other.

Lots of Love, Tasha and the Jubly Crew. XX

July 12, 2021


Victoria said:

I love them all but my favourite would have to be “ we’re all mad here” need those for work! I wear my “ Didn’t stab anyone today” pin just inside my jacket at work and I flash it at my trusted work colleague when things do get tough, it makes us both laugh.

Celeste Webster said:

It takes me a long time to decide to buy things, but your things are on my list. The armor/ amulet /talisman aspect of your work is why. I met two women, decades apart, who wore such things. They were visual puns.
One eore a tiny replica of a ‘coping saw’. She wore it on difficult days.
An activist I met wore a miniture cheese grater. “Well, I am often told I am ‘grating’. Good, then I am doing it right.”

Caroline said:

I work in retail, so the ’didn’t stab anyone today’ earrings are really perfect.

Liz Campbell said:

I am really hoping that I can get a pair of the “Nevertheless she persisted” for myself and a gift for a friend who’s been struggling with a lot in the last few months. These words are a good reminder that (as women), we just get on with life despite all the challenges that get thrown at us.

Renee said:

Definitely the creative fucking genius. Thx

Jac said:

All of the earring quotes resonate with me. While I’d obviously not stab anyone, I love the saying. 🤗

Diane said:

I love the Didn’t Stab Anyone Today earrings.. if you knew where I worked you would understand

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