I love running my own business, and one of the best things about it is that I get to choose exactly what I create. I can lean into what excites and inspires me.

It also means that when I fancy trying something new… I do it.

I love creating my pins but sometimes having new challenges is what is needed, and I wanted a challenge.


designing new products like socks

So, I thought about what I could do that would allow me to share my designs in new and fun ways, and eventually I landed on socks: There's heaps more space for designs AND, it's a whole new medium (hello knitted fabrics and massive learning curves).

At the beginning of last year, I started experimenting a little. Those of you who nabbed one of my Mystery Boxes will already know that socks were something I was playing around with.

Socks also presented a solution to one thing I kept hearing: How people love my pins but can’t wear them at work! Socks are great, because no one knows what you wear under your shoes. I LOVED the idea of giving everybody another way to 'wear their weird!'


tea and books socks

There were lots of things to test and trial, including learning which designs worked best and which designs didn’t look quite right. But finally, here we are, ready to launch!

There are 8 designs total which are perfect for wearing subtly under a suit or uniform, to share your mood whilst working from home/home schooling or loud and proud with some statement sandals. 



i'm a fucking delight socks by jubly-umph

I hope you love my new sock collection as much as I do. 

Our new socks launch at 12 pm on Thursday 2nd September (AEST). 

Which design is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay safe, and look after yourselves and each other.

Lots of Love, Tasha and the Jubly Crew. XX

August 30, 2021 — Jubly Umph


Christine O'Neill said:

Tea and Books – my all time favourite induldence. But gotta love’Didn’t stab anyone’

Matt said:

“Didn’t stab anyone today” have the lapel pin and gifted several to work friends, but with socks, we can wear those bad boys TO work 😉 – as my work bestie said “guess I’m gonna be ordering the uniform pants now” – excited to the level of squeeeee !!!

Ben said:

Tea and books…on socks! Amazing. I love them! (I think my partner will love “I’m a fucking delight” socks, too.)

Bethani said:

I can’t wait to wear these! I’m a fucking delight and tea and books kind of gal. 😁😁

Sandra said:

It’s wonderful to know there are still so many delightful people in the world. I know I’m a Fucking Delight! Love everything Jubly-Umph – keep it up you creative geniuses.

Yes I Am said:

Adore the I’m a Fucking Delight socks.

Sue said:

Definitely need these, although the last pair shouldn’t be worn to work 😂 ( I work in agedcare).

Peter Collingwood said:

I’m in like Flynn! Love the designs (have many badges) and now can enhance my sock collection.

Melpo said:

’Didn’t stab anyone today’ almost a badge of honour to sheer disappointment…..love it!

Ann said:

Ohh – what a lovely surprise! Hope they come in a size for broad(aka chunky) feet – that is size 9-11? love your work! And how to say ‘the F-word’ on a happy day? "F-er de doo dah’ – just like ‘zip-er dee -doo-dah, zip-er dee- day’ … have a lovely last day of winter, and thank you for your creativity!!

DMYC said:

Awesome idea! Guys won’t be so self conscious wearing your gear!!

Karen M Diers said:

can’t wait.

Evelyn McCalla said:

OH MY! Daughter #3 is the “didn’t stab anyone” girl, the daughter-in-law is a “Fucking Delight”, daughter #1 is the “tea and books” girl, and daughter #2 and I get the “we are all mad here”! I love them! oh, and we all can apply the “death before decaf”….. (do they come in men’s size???) LOL.

Trudy Lines said:

Love the Didn’t Stab anyone today and I’m a fucking delight. Will be ordering these two

Francesca Sutton said:

I think i will be buying a few of each…great Chrissy presents…will buy at least one of each!

Nancy Marshall said:

I love them all! I see “stocking stuffer” gifts for everyone on my gift list.

Can I suggest another? My favorite mug ever says “I am a ray of fucking sunshine.”

Sarah Craig said:

It’s an equal tie between ’Didn’t Stab Anyone Today’, ‘Death Before Decaf’ and ’I’m A Fucking Delight’! They’re absolutely awesome, Tasha! xxx

Nicole said:

Death before Decaf has my name written all over it! 🤣

cathie said:

Death before decaf…although I can think of the perfect occasion to wear each design!

Jennifer said:

Yass I love the opportunity to wear some fabulous socks with great colours and scathing slogans! Fuck fuck fuckitty fuck is what I’m looking forward to 😍

Toots Cunningham said:

Yes, I get exactly where you’re coming from with these socks. Finally something I can wear to school and know I’m being weirdly me while still looking the teacher part.
You’ve also solved my Christmas gifts for my colleagues – well the weird ones anyway.

Katrina in NH said:

Oh, HUGE Hurrah! Absolutely awesome idea, and I can’t wait to see the full collection!

Sim said:

I think I’ll be needing a few pairs of the “didnt stab anyone today” socks …. They will be on high rotation – and my crew will be needing some as well!!!!! Less questions to answer if I’m wearing the socks vs the pin!!

Loz said:

I need all of these!! I’m a fucking delight especially! ❤️

Rhonda Duncan said:

Think I can see “We’re all mad here” in my future.

Jane said:

I’m going to buy the “I’m a fucking delight” socks. I wanted it fit a pin but not appropriate for the emergency dept I work in as a Nurse. I do however, have the “ didn’t stab anyone today” pin and it gets loads of laughs from other Nurses and Doctors! 😁

Jac said:

I loooooove these! I have so many pins I want but I can’t wear them around my kids or at work.

Kerry said:

Love them! Any chance of keyrings in the future?

Jessica May said:

I can’t wait!

Carol said:

Love the Didn’t stab anyone today, the Tea and books and We’re all mad here.

Ruth Crossley-Murr said:

Cant wait to wear to work, I’m a fucking delight is a fav, but not for the hospital

Denise Jarvis said:

Tea and books would be perfect for my friend at Christmas.

Clare Falconer said:

I’m a fucking delight 😂
Omg that’s sooooo me ♥️

Marian said:

Socks. Pins. Books. Sewing fabrics.

Four things of which you can never, never have too many.

Angela Bunn said:

We’re all mad here. How perfect for me. Didn’t stab anyone today. Yes sums up my week. Just brilliant. 😍

Sallie said:

OMG socks! Yes!

Allison said:

So excited! Got the cat ones as part of the mystery box last year and I’m glad you are heading in this direction. Christmas presents covered!!

Nicole said:

So going to buy the didn’t stab anyone yet. Wanted the pin but felt it was a bit much for my students ;)

Vrinda Edan said:

I love love love the idea of socks, however as someone with diabetes i can not wear socks with tight elastic in them. what are these socks like, its hard to tell in the photos :)

Mel Morrison said:

Love the death before decaf. Definitely be grabbing a pair!

Kay lauchland said:

Love the purple socks “I’m a Fucking Delight”!

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