We've collaborated with queer Bendigo artist Dan Cox for our latest collection celebrating Queer History Month, and we thought we would sit down and ask him a few questions about his story and the inspiration behind the collection!!
Dan Cox is the artist behind out Queer History month collaborative collection

Tell Us A Little About Yourself:

My husband and I moved to Bendigo a few years ago with our miniature poodle Sprocket, from Brisbane. We came to Victoria for an event, ran a workshop in Bendigo and fell in love with the history and architecture of the town.

I came out in a time where it was still illegal within certain states of Australia to be gay. I spent a good part of my 20's doing professional drag before throwing everything into a dumpster and moving overseas for a time.

Sandy C Breeze and Winnie Wonderlust


What Was The Inspiration Behind The Collection?

I'm of the generation that grew up before the mobile phone, when the AIDS epidemic was at it's height and there were still laws deeming homosexuality illegal. I think it is so important to remember those who have come before you, fighting the fight for equality.

We are everywhere queer history enamel lapel pin

There are so many important markers along the timeline in queer history that need to be acknowledged for their importance and relevance, even if they happened decades ago. They are the reason why we are where we are today and I wanted to pay homage to those pioneers of queer activism.

Dan is holding 3 of his new enamel pin designs for queer history month

How Are The Messages In These Designs Relevant Today?

Just as it is as important to acknowledge those who fought so hard for the freedoms and reforms we have today, the fight for equality isn't over. As much as I am surprised and humbled at the level of acceptance within the general community, there are the same stigmas and discrimination being faced by queer youth today as there were when I was young. There will always be pockets of the community who just don't understand and may feel threatened.

 Also, look at how a law can be overruled in one of the world's "super-power" countries with the recent over-ruling of Rowe vs Wade. Luckily the process is different in Australia and we won't see our marriage law redacted, but it goes to show you how easily, across the world, something that has been in place for so long can be changed. Are their gay marriage laws next? It is a genuine concern.

enamel pins for queer folk and lgbtqia+ supporters

Tell Us About Your Art Practice And Where People Can Find You?

My practice has evolved over the years from drawing and painting to sculpture and hand fabricating jewellery. I have dabbled in fantasy art, abstract art and recently moved onto watercolours of birds, as well as designing a range of products based on native Australian animals. I'm one of those artists who have been creating art as long as I have been able to hold a pencil really!

I'm currently preparing for an exhibition in November at Bendigo Bank in Bendigo. People can find my work on Instagram @dancoxartiststudio.

Lavender menace enamel lapel pins

What's The Most Important Change In The Queer Equal Rights Movement For You?

 The most important change for me was the "yes" vote for gay marriage in Australia. This was important for two reasons. Personally I was able to marry the man I love and have this marriage recognized legally by the country I live in, and to have a majority of Australians support my right to do so. Secondly, because a majority of Australians supported the act and called for change, the message of inclusiveness  and support this showed the queer community on a whole is huge - even if you don't want to get married! It was never about wanting to get married, but about having the choice and right to if we wanted to!

Gay all day enamel pin to celebrate queer history month


Our latest collaborative collection
"Queer History Collection" launches this Thursday 6th of October at 12pm (Melbourne time)!
10% of profits will be going directly to the artist and 10% will be donated to LGBTQI+Health Australia.
Which pin/pins do you love the most? Let us know in the comments...
October 03, 2022


Jac said:

Ally pin – yes!!

Robyn in the West said:

Pick a favourite? Right!
They are all awesome. I think I need all of them – the Queer ones for my Queer mates and the Ally ones for me!
Live large, beautiful people. XX

Kenton Miller said:

I love the classic look of ‘Gay is Good’ and ‘Lavender Menace’, but some of the other pins will make great appreciation presents to all of my ally friends.

Janet P said:

Cannot wait!

Robyn C said:

This lesbian can’t wait

Dannii TB said:

I absolutely can not WAIT for this release!!
As an out-and-proud queer I’ve been waiting a while for Jubly to release something like this.
I’m going to buy the set (maybe even two!) to share with my kids.
Bring on Thursday!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

Jane M said:

Thank you for including an ally pin. This will be a wonderful yet subtle way of showing support. I come from a small everything-phobic town in an era where love is love was definitely not a thing. If I were ever to return there, I will very proudly were this collection. May even get a few extras as Christmas pressies for the family.

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