We love our customers here at Jubly-Umph - You guys are so passionate about the things that you care about, and it always gives us more energy and purpose when it comes to promoting and furthering the causes that we really care about too.

We've always tried to be very conscious of the fact that because we have such a lovely, engaged community of Jubly-Umph aficionados, we also have a great opportunity to spread the word about the charities that support these wonderful causes, and to use our platform to raise valuable funds to help advance them.

Some of our fundraising has been for specific pins, such as our firefighter Koala pin which was launched to raise money during the 2020 bushfires in Australia, and some are ongoing such as our pronoun pins.

We thank everyone who helped us make these contributions and we hope to do many more in the future.

Below are a list of Charities and groups we have donated to and the total of these donations. We will continue to update the page as new donations are made.

firefighter koala enamel pin

The charities and what they're about (in no particular order) are:

Minus18: (https://www.minus18.org.au/) - Donated $1053.15Minus18 aims to improve the health and wellbeing of, and provide a safe environment for, same-sex attracted and gender diverse young people in Australia. 

Transcend (https://transcend.org.au/) - Donated $3,628.59.  A national peer support network and community for parents and carers supporting their Trans, Gender Diverse and Non-Binary (TGDNB) children in Australia.

National Breast Cancer Foundation ( https://nbcf.org.au/ ) - Donated $5,065.00. Funding and championing world-class research research into breast cancer that will help detect tumours earlier, improve treatment outcomes, and ultimately – save lives.

CFA ( https://cfa.vic.gov.au/ ) - Donated $12,792.00. The Country Fire Authority, who are the volunteer emergency, and fire-fighting service of Victoria, Australia.

Wildlife Victoria ( https://www.wildlifevictoria.org.au/ ) - Donated $3090.00. Helping and protecting wildlife through rescue, education, and advocacy activities in Victoria, Australia.

WIRES NSW ( https://WIRES.org.au ) - Donated $12,792.00. The wildlife information, rescue and education service based in NSW, Australia.

medic koala pin for charity

CRANAplus. ( https://crana.org.au/ ) - Donated $1980.00. Professional body supporting remote and isolated healthcare workers in Australia.

The Alfred Foundation ( https://www.alfredhealth.org.au/the-alfred-foundation ) - Donated $4575.00. The Alfred Foundation raises funds to support the incredible work of The Alfred hospital, contributing to The Alfred's role in saving lives, improving the health of our community, and advancing medical research.

Beyond Blue ( https://www.beyondblue.org.au/ ) - Donated $4575.00. Beyond Blue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.

fuck cancer pin for charity

One Girl. ( https://www.onegirl.org.au/ ) - Donated $804.00. Helping break down the barriers that girls face in accessing education. They run girl-led programs in Sierra Leone and Uganda to drive positive change for girls and their communities.

Save A Horse Australia. ( https://www.saveahorse.org.au/ ) - Save A Horse Australia rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes horses to their forever homes.

Indigenous literary Fund (https://www.indigenousliteracyfoundation.org.au/) Donated- $1000 - A community led charity that supports communities with culturally relevant books, including early learning board books, resources, and programs to support Communities to create and publish their stories in languages of their choice.

 LGBTIQ+ Health Australia- https://www.lgbtiqhealth.org.au/ $1316 total donated)! - Supporting healthy lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans/transgender, intersex, queer and other sexuality, gender, and bodily diverse people and communities throughout Australia and the world, free from stigma and discrimination.


October 22, 2022 — Jubly Umph

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