There was once a time, many many aeons ago... (or like, 4 years ago, which feels like a million years ago now), when Jubly-Umph launched our first collection of potions pins, called 'Potions Of Power'.

We created them as little reminders that no matter what life threw at you, you had the courage, bravery, strength and luck to overcome it.

redesigning the potions

After many messages from you all requesting that we bring them back, and after a few very difficult years filled with uncertainty, danger, and heartbreak, everyone could use a little extra 'something' to give them a boost. So we remixed and experimented with a few new ingredients in our old brews, and refilled a few of our old bottles, and low and behold... it's our 'Potions Of Power Re-bottled' Collection!

Here's a few sneak peeks...


Our brew of bravery pin is the perfect little reminder for you (or someone you know) that when the going gets tough, you should take that as a positive signal to keep charging.




Everyone is expected to put up with an awful lot at the moment, and everyone is getting a bit... tetchy. That's OK, you're allowed to be tetchy, and this little pin is for all those times when you need a quick shot of something to bolster you against all the bull shit.




This little pin is there to help you stand up, state you case, and be assertive. Be the change you want to see in the world.



This new collection features seven new and re-imagined designs, and it's launching on Thursday the 11th of August at Midday (AEST). Make sure you're on the mailing list to get the launch email and get in first!

Which potion pin do you need the most? Let us know in the comments!

P.S... There'll also be a limited number of complete sets: All 7 of the new pins with a lovely big discount! Remember, first in best dressed!

August 08, 2022 — Jeremy Meaden


Becky said:

Good morning! Will you be making a coloring sheet of these new pins the way you did for the other pins a little while back? I loved colorig that sheet and trying to copy your colors!

Sharlene said:

Lovely…a whole set would go well with me :-)

Linda said:

I didn’t see the collection the first time around, so I would jump at the set (if possible) for myself and folks who might need a little push to find what’s inside us.

Donna said:

The potions for bravery and courage are very special to me. I have pins to wear myself and I have given them to people fighting huge battles. I know a small person who will be thrilled to wear the boldness one. Thank you – they are gorgeous and spirit-lifting!

Sandra said:

I think I need the whole cocktail thanks!

Natalie said:

Can’t wait. This is exactly what my daughter needs. She does not have a soul to talk to and that’s very dangerous for a teen. I hope these will encourage her to take a leap into HER future and do away with the fear.

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