UPDATE 8/05/2020: Our re-stock of these pins is almost ready for release! On Tuesday the 12 of May we'll be releasing the re-stock, and all profits will be donated to Wildlife Victoria to support their ongoing work rehabilitating animals and habitat devastated in the bushfires. If you'd like to be notified don't forget to sign up to our out of stock notifications HERE.

Original Post:

It was incredibly sad watching the news and hearing the stories of those affected by the bushfires.

I had been wanting to do something more, so I created this special pin design with the help and feedback of the Jubly community. 

We made this pin for all the real heroes of the bushfire crisis: Those working tirelessly to save lives, homes, land and wildlife.

The aim was to raise $10,000 to be donated to WIRES and the CFA but in less than 24 hours we had sold 2.5x that and managed to raise $25,000!!

The original pre-order sold out, but we will have more pins available in the second week of may (see 'Update' at beginning of this blog post) and we will be donating  the profits to different charities. If you would like to be notified when these are available please sign up to our 'Back In Stock' notification on the product page HERE.

koala hero enamel pin by Jubly-Umph

I want to thank everyone who purchased a pin for your support, and give another special thank-you for all the people who helped to spread the word on social media.

I created the pin because like many of you, I felt so helpless watching the devastation around the country. I just wanted to do something - anything to help.

We as a community have come together to raise this money. It honestly brought me to tears seeing people support this.

koala hero print by Jubly-Umph

As so many people missed out I have created a FREE print of the design that anyone can download, print out and display. 

Download the print HERE

not all heroes wear capes free downloadable print

Thanks again for all your support.


Tasha and the Jubly Crew.

P.S. We had originally planned to donate profits from the sale of the pins but due to friends and family volunteering to help pack orders and my Chinese factory helping by discounting our manufacturing of the pins allowed us to donate the full amount of the original pins sold! Hooray!


Beccy Stekky said:

I received ours today! They are gorgeous and heavier than expected so I’ll buy a bag (great excuse!) and display it on my bag. Top quality

Kim said:

Just fabulous. I’m a teacher and this image will be proudly displayed for my new Kindergarten students when school goes back. I’ve themed my room for this year with native flora and fauna and this wonderful Koala is perfect.

Caitlin O'Connor said:

Thank you so much for this! I missed the first run of the pins, have signed up for notifiers when they’re back in stock, and have printed out the poster for my local vet surgery, who have been doing their part in supporting wildlife in our fires (and other times) for years.

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