At the start of 2020, I sat in horror, watching Australia burn. It broke my heart and left me feeling so helpless, so I did the only thing I could to help. I created an artwork and accompanying pin to help raise money and awareness to support the firefighters and wildlife impacted by the devastation.

And you, my amazing community, helped me raise $25,000 in 24 hours from the sale of these pins!!

I had no idea that only a few weeks later, the world would be a very different place. 

koala medic colouring sheet


First, we watched China. Then Italy. As Covid-19 spread around the world, our lives changed. People started work from home, schools stayed empty, and many businesses closed their doors. And the feeling of hopelessness overcame me again.

There are, however, some workers that can’t stay home. Every day nurses, doctors, and healthcare and essential workers head into work, not knowing what the day would bring. They show up to help others.

Even when protective clothing is in short supply.

Even when they know they could be exposed to the disease. 


koala essential worker pin


So I created this artwork and an accompanying pin as an acknowledgment of essential workers everywhere, who risk their own lives to help us. 

The pin will be available to buy on Tuesday 12th May at 12pm AEST and all profits from the sale of these pins will be donated to charity, which you can vote on via my Facebook group. 


koala medic pin for charity

I will also have a poster print, colouring sheet and fb image available for free so anyone can print them out and show their support and thanks! 

P.S. We will have a small restock of our koala firefighter pin at the same time on Tuesday however number are limited. The profits from the sale of this pin will be donated to Wildlife Victoria. 

May 10, 2020 — Jubly Umph


MySon'sANurse said:

My son is in his last year of nursing studies up in Sydney (a whole 2 states away from his home in Tassie). He is working alongside the nurses and doctors who are looking after the COVID-19 patients. When I saw your badges, I had to get two. One for me and one for him. Thank you much for acknowledging the work these amazing Health Care workers are doing. My son is my hero – and now I’ll have a badge to prove it. Can’t wait for them to arrive.

Sam Guy said:

Such a beautiful pin and I would just like to thank the public and you guys for your support to us( the frontline staff) without the public’s cooperation things could have been so much worse!
I would love to buy a pin but unfortunately I will be working when they go on sale…. I’m sure they’ll sell out in no time!! Thanks again junky-Umph stay weird!! 😘


Thank you! These badges will be very significant, historically! A great way to not forget!

Stacy said:

LOVE this! I love my firefighter pin. Such a great way to acknowledge frontline workers.

Lynn Hamilton said:

Awesome! Brilliant artwork.

Caitlin O'Connor said:

Thank you. My brother has no immune system (after being lucky enough to get a heart transplant nearly two years ago) and his wife is a nurse, they can’t even live in the same house at the moment. So they especially rely on ppe and the many, many heroes without capes who are supporting them.
Can’t wait to buy this pin.

Helen Crowther said:

Such a fantastic pin – thanks for caring

Cath said:

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate international nurses day. Thank you for the support 🙏

Elizabeth said:

How very appropriaite, love it.

Kerry Dolan said:

Beautiful, hope I get in quick enough on Tuesday. Thanks for your art

Donzie said:

Love it 💜

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