Our resident patch expert and customer service extraordinaire Jeremy (AKA Chief Packing Minion) has written this weeks blog post all about his journey customising and jackets and clothing.


Hi, Jeremy here. I work at Jubly-Umph, and if you've ever sent an email to Jubly-Umph I was most likely the person who emailed you back with a 'sorry, I'll fix that up right now' message.

So, this week we've got some new patches coming out, and I am here to explain to you why 'putting a patch on it' and crafting your own punk jacket (or bag, or shoes...) is such a great thing to do (and you have to do it yourself: DIY or Die!)

And I'll also be sharing a few sneak peaks for the new Jubly-Umph embroidered patch designs.

diy or die embroidered patch


When I'm not at Jubly-Umph, I play in a punk/ska band called 'The Resignators', so it probably goes without saying that I'm a patch enthusiast: It kinda goes with the territory when you're in a band (especially a punk band.)

the resignators

Jeremy with the Resignators (4th from left)

There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a shiny new jacket evolve over the years as you gradually add bits and pieces to it as you get them. Each patch, pin, stud, and even rip, morphs that jacket into a wearable reminder of where you've been and what you did there.

It also gradually starts to reflect other more personal things about you to anyone who cares to look, including perhaps your political stances, music tastes, even hobbies: It all depends on what you sew, pin, or craft onto it.


new patches for your jacket


My jacket started as a plain, black denim Vivienne Westwood that I luckily found at Savers in Brunswick for $35.00 about 8 years ago. Since then it's been on tour to Canada (twice!), the UK, Europe, and Japan, as well as been on stage at innumerable sweaty punk gigs in Australia. I've picked up patches and lapel pins from bands we supported, bands who supported us, towns we visited and festivals we played there. I've got patches from a scooter rally we played in the UK, I've got badges from night clubs we played in Germany, and lapel pins that came with extremely limited edition re-issues of very obscure industrial noise art records that I bought.

There's even a pink 'Stay Weird' Jubly-Umph heart on there.



That's me standing in the middle of the group in Osaka somewhere, when we were on our way to have dinner before a show that night. Its a rare one of me standing still, all the rest of the photos I'm jumping around and dancing and you can't see the patches!

ironing on a Jubly-Umph embroidered patch

Here's my top tips for attaching patches:

- Position your patch prior to ironing and to find the perfect spot

- Set your iron to hot and run it over the patch until it sticks firmly in place

- Check to make sure it is on securely. Some materials work better than others with the glue. 

- For extra security add a few stitches around the edges of the patch. I always do this with my jacket as the material is quite thick.

new Jubly-Umph embroidered patches

New Jubly-Umph Patches Dropping This Week!

This week we've got a few new patches dropping on Thursday the 23rd at midday. They're a mix of designs but they're all great, and will give that boring-jacket-you're-kinda-sick-of a new lease of life. Go on and give it a try. It's definitely a long-term project, but the end result will be completely unique, and yours.

Do you have a customised jacket or bag that you love? I would love to hear about it in the comments!

September 21, 2021 — Jeremy Meaden


Colin said:

I wish I was brave enough to put a patch with the word fuck on it on my jacket, but my wife would object. Still I can look at the fucking patches all day.

Charlie said:

I’m working on my patch jacket!! I love it so much and I’m always searching for more patches but I’ve been lazy and haven’t taken the time to sew them in haha

Ruby said:

I have a black denim jacket (wish it was Vivienne Westwood!!!) that I have been customising this year. Lots of patches, including a few from Jubly Umph! Definitely been a labour of love as i hand stitched everything. I prefer to remove the iron on backing because the patches are more flexible that way (jacket does not feel stiff that way) and the needle goes through better. Most recently I added studs and I’m also planning to change up the buttons!

Robyn Westcott said:

I’m so excited!!! I get holes in my pants at work & fix them with iron on patches. Can’t wait to start using these ones!

Gayle said:

I have a favourite pottery apron. Slowly adding and looking at your Obstinate Girl patch next. :)

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