Do you ever feel awkward and anti social? Do you sometimes feel like you just want to hide away from the world, hang out by yourself, read a book, watch T.V. or just chill?

Yeah, me too!

I think most people feel this way at some time or other. I certainly do (why do you think I have an online

new lapel pin designs and artwork

Some days you just want to hide out from the world, curl up with a good book, watch some tv or work on a hobby. Some days you just don’t want to see other people.

Some call this anti-social behavior. They say it in a negative way like it's not OK to want to be alone sometimes. Like it’s weird. But there is nothing wrong with wanting to be on your own or being awkward or being weird.

As you know, I am all about celebrating weird!!!! 

I will not be awkward today

About a year ago I was doing a convention (Supanova I think) in Sydney when a lady came up to chat with me. I was caught off guard and stumbled over my words and generally said all the wrong things. Then I apologised for being awkward and went red in the face.

'Don't apologise' she said to me.

'Its just your awkward super powers! I have them too.'

That conversation really stuck with me. I loved the idea of awkward being a super power, and anti-social being a secret club and Introverts Anonymous being a group which has meetings that nobody goes to....

I was inspired to create a collection of art and pins to remind you and me of these things.

If you have ever felt awkward or anti-social then I designed these new pins for you.

awkward super powers
I wanted them to look like vintage club pins. Little shields with laurel borders, heraldic banners and swirling crests. But instead of featuring prestigious names, quaint towns or fraternal associations they feature my own made up clubs.

They are little awards for using your awkward super powers, being in a club for anti-social reasons and displaying your introverted pride.

My new pins launch on Tuesday 29th Aug at 7:30am and they are accompanied by 3 bookish pins. (Sneak peeks coming soon). 

August 24, 2017 — Jubly Umph


Kyla said:

I’m so excited about these! Great work :)

Caitlin O'Connor said:

So me. Except… I hardly ever go out, so where will I wear them? ; )
(don’t worry, I will, I love them!)

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