The Mystery in the Mystery Boxes...Behind the scenes

The Mystery in the Mystery Boxes...Behind the scenes

Every year in August we get spring cleaning! We sort and stack and organise and rustle up old designs, discontinued artworks, jewellery samples and limited edition items.

It feels a little bit like Xmas because we come across things that we thought had sold out or samples of items that never made it onto our website.

And with this magnificent scrumptious pile of goodies we create the great Jubly-Umph Mystery Box!


What is a Mystery Box?

A Mystery Box contains over $100 worth of Jubly-Umph goodies from our 6 years of collections all for only $50!

This year we have done the boxes on two themes: Cute & Sweet or Dark & Mysterious

We have made up 100 Mystery Boxes which will go online at 8am on Sept 1st!

Last year we received dozens of messages from customers who loved their Mystery Boxes. Here are a few of our favourites!



And check out this little video I made of a Mystery Box unboxing. 

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