It’s that time of year again when winter is on its way out (in Aust at least) and the TV/magazines and social media are being filled with ads to help you ‘find your beach body’, ‘improve yourself’ and ‘get summer ready’.

In the past I have fallen for these ads because, lets face it, they are everywhere. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought ‘I cant go to the beach looking like this.’

So I joined the gym, I bought new clothes, I thought I should change.

But now I am fighting back. Why should I need to change? I have a body. I can go to the beach. I must already have a beach body...(makes sense right?)

i am beach ready
About 7 months ago I wrote a blog post on the importance on standing up to the pressures of society and staying weird.

Advertising wants us to feel bad about ourselves. It wants us to be unhappy, because then we might buy into whatever cure is being sold But we don’t need a cure because there is nothing wrong with us.  

Because you are already good enough, and strong enough and thin enough and just ENOUGH!

I made this artwork to go with this message. Something that could be worn or displayed or kept with you all the time to remind you to stay weird.


This month I am celebrating my motto ‘Stay Weird’ by giving you a free Stay Weird patch with every order over $20. That right its FREE!!

Iron it onto your bag or jacket or hat or bikini. You can pop it on anything.
Let it remind you wherever you go the importance of 'Staying Weird'

Patches will be added automatically to orders and are available until the end of the month or they run out!

Get your patch now!! Wear your weird with this free stay weird patch

August 07, 2017

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