Here is a sneak peek of something I have been working on for 3 or 4 years now. It is my biggest procrastination!! Its a book about bookish people and creatures doing bookish things, a picture book with a small 2 lines of text (so, not huge).
I think I have procrastinated for so long because I fear it being a failure- a flop!
pictures for my next book about books- jubly-umph
I even created a few limited edition brooches for it a few years ago that have just been sitting in my studio doing nothing.
But I have realised that I need to get it done and published and stop worrying too much about failure, because when did that ever get anyone anywhere?
cat on a book stack image from my new book
So, on that note, I am going to sell the limited edition brooches to fund-raise the printing of the book.  The two designs I have done are the Cat on a Stack and the Bookshop Snail which I will package in our old keepsake jewellery tins to make them extra special.
the bookshop snail limited edition brooch
Yes, this is an exercise to keep me accountable and finish this book!!!
There is only 100 of each brooches made and the dies to cut the design have been destroyed so there wont ever be any more.
The sale of the brooches will cover the cost of the print run and the design and layout of the book. I would then hope to have the book published before Christmas. No more excuses!!
The brooches will be available this Thursday at 12pm AEST.
What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.
July 26, 2020 — Jubly Umph


Alison said:

Only found Jubly-Umph in December 2020. I’ve bought your literary animal authors (in the post from one of your stockists). I also managed to find someone selling their cat book lover brooch yesterday in your ISO.
Have I missed this book or is it still in progress? (No judgement, great works take as long as they take).
Just to let you know, I’d buy two. One for the bookshelf and one so I can frame your beautiful pictures!!

Glenda Stockman said:

I’ve worked in the public library sector for 42 years and over that time I have seen a lot and I mean a lot of children’s picture books. You are very talented, your work is amazing, so full of luxurious colour and imaginative spirit.
I feel your book would be very successful. I would dearly love a badge of every illustration shown and I would definitely buy your book! I hope you can include some amazing end papers. Wishing you the very best as you work through your biggest procrastination.
Kind regards,

Victoria Gelberg said:

I have just started a bookclub, I cannot wait to put the group what badge we can make our official pin!!! Love it!

Kirsten Gilroy said:

I love all of these!!! Never seen anything like them before. Like a previous customer I am in the UK so have missed out on some pins I wanted but love the ones I have!! Fingers crossed I am successful and I would love to see the finished book xx

Richard said:

Want the slug. Need to set my alarm to get in quick. 👍👍


Speaking as a Brit, I’d love both of these pins although the time difference may be a problem.I may have to decide how tired I want to be the day after releases.

Sara Johnson said:

As a Brit, I’m always terrified that I’ll miss out on limited editions, as I can’t stay up late enough to get hold of them as soon as they go up. But I’m holding out hope that I’ll manage to get both the cat and the snail! 🤞🏻

Sandra Morris said:

I could have written that exact same blog post! Take heart from the fact that I’ve been writing my ‘how to’ book for the past 10 years so you’re by no means the world’s worst procrastinator. I took it up again during lockdown and I’m tentatively optimistic that it will be ready to print by early October. I get what you mean about accountability and having a deadline to work towards but I tend to fail miserably on both counts. Good luck with yours and if you want an ‘accountability buddy’ drop me an email and we can procrastinate together! I have been tempted on many occasions by your wonderful badges so I just might spring for one now to support a fellow ‘would be author’ :) Keep the faith, best wishes, Sandra (I’m a miniature dollmaker!)

Rosie said:

Oh my! I’m totally enamoured of the brooches and REALLY keen to see the book! Here’s hoping I get a break in my training session on Thursday so I can snarfle at least the cat, and preferably the snail too! Good luck with your venture. I hope you can propel yourself past the finish line soon xx

Kara Sjoblom-Bay said:

Both the book and the brooches look amazing!

Virginia Maude said:

Absolutely fantastic. Ill be lining up for sure

jackie eyles said:

I hope I get in on time ❤

Deborah Green said:

I love the brooches, and I’m excited to see the book.
You can do it!

Celia Stahr-Reid said:

Yes, please print it and I’ll buy a bookshop snail, they’re adorable! You are a very clever lady…

Celia Stahr-Reid said:

Yes, please print it and I’ll buy a bookshop snail, they’re adorable! You are a very clever lady…

Jessica Manuel said:

I love all the designs, they’d be incredibly beautiful book marks (I’ve always loved collecting bookmarks), the book will be as gorgeous as all your other works, can’t wait to see it!

Wanda Davies said:

Nothing about these pins or this book, (these are making me smile at 5 am!) are going to fail, just love it already. The failure song is an old one from someone else story x

Joanne Van Raaphorst said:

I love the Shhhh lady, she’s adorable , actually they’re all lovely.

Suzanne Lenne said:

Those brooches will sell out in a flash!

Susan Thelander-bell said:

Love the book and I will be lining up for a brooch & a book when published – well done- just do it as they say😊

Lyn said:

I think your book looks great! Feel the fear but do it anyway!

Denise Dunn said:

Love both of these designs and your book looks amazing too. Good on you for having a plan.

Sue Kavanagh said:

I love the pins!! The book looks fabulous! I can’t wait for it to come out. Anything you do is going to be great!! Good on you for diving in. Sue 🌟

Holly McGuire said:

Brilliant! I’m an avid collector of your brooches, and I have your Bestiary, I look forward to this one too.

Angela Bunn said:

So glad to see you finally finishing the book. It’s going to be great. Love the art work. Totally adore the cat and snail brooches. Hope I’m lucky enough to get them. Fantastic work. Never give up because you’re amazing.

Sheena said:

Print the book!!!! Take that leap 🥰 it looks gorgeous!

Helen said:

As the Queen of procrastination I admire your determination. I love the snail and look forward to seeing the book.

Bronwyn Ross said:

Cat on the stack 💗

Jane said:

This is exciting news. Absolutely yes to both the pins and the book. Love both cats (especially ginger) and books so these are going to be must-haves for my collection.

Mardi Ettelson said:

Your book looks rockin! Sometimes things only happen when it’s right and you’re ready. Ready now:)

Yvette said:

I hope that ginger kitty is becoming a pin or a shirt because I want him.
I totally get the book fear. Having put out an academic text last year after working non-stop on it for years, you get quite fearful. Good luck.

Samantha Starr said:

I absolutely love the cat on a stack brooch. I am a ginger cat liver and a library assistant by profession so this is a must have for me.

Caitlin O'Connor said:

I adore the snail!! Must have!

Ellyza said:

If that snail doesn’t find it’s way into my collection, I will die. Literally. This is the best thing to happen to me since the pandemic began in March. 😍😍😍

Natalie S said:

I would love to buy a copy of this book when its out 😁

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