Let’s talk about this year: Out of control bushfires. Floods. Pandemic. And that was all before March.

We’re now at the halfway point of the year, and turning on the news sometimes feels like watching an extreme sport.

If this was a TV show, no one would believe the ridiculous storyline.

But it’s not a TV show. It’s real life.


Super snarky pin preview


And when life gives you lemons, sometimes you don’t want lemonade. Sometimes you just want to smash those lemons against a wall, and scream really, really loud, and cry (and repeat). 

And if all of the above doesn’t work, maybe some swearing will help?


maybe swearing will help- this artwork is part of my new pin collection


This year your plans changed or were put on hold, or maybe they’ve been altogether scrapped.

You’ve grieved. You’ve felt like giving up. But you’re still here, putting one foot in front of the other - coping mostly. So fucking high five! 


be excleelent to each other artwork


None of us know what the rest of this year holds. But I do know one thing. That empathy is needed now more than ever, and perhaps from the ashes, we can build something better, equal, and kind. 


be excellent to each other- new pin launches this thursday


Or, in the words of some of the finest philosophers this world has ever seen: Be excellent to each other.


the 6 new pins in my Coping Mostly pin collection


coping mostly artwork on wall

Coping Mostly Freebies

To celebrate the new collection I have created this FREE colouring sheet and phone wallpaper to award yourself with! Just click HERE to download the sheet now!

Coping mostly free colouring sheet

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maybe swearing will help screensaver


 My new pin collection is launch at 12pm on Thursday 16th July (AEST). We will have the pins available individually and also a limited number of Pin Sets with a free bonus gift!

free gift with all pin sets- while stock lasts

Which new pin is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below :

Stay safe and look after yourselves and each other.

Lots of Love, Tasha and the Jubly Crew. XX

July 13, 2020 — Anna Czermak


Heather said:

Thank you very much :)

Laura N said:

They’re all great, but I think my favorites are Coping Mostly and Fuckity Fuck. Those really fit most days lately.

Rebecca said:

Absolutely love these! Reminds of one of my favorite quotes by Mark Twain: “Under certain circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.” And he wasn’t even around in this century — let alone this year!

Mushroomring said:

Oh My! I came on to buy the Invisible collection and now I have to get these too! Aaaaalllllllll the pins!!! 😍😍😍

Nik said:

Well, I always think swearing will help so…!

Sharon Deeker said:

Love, just love this collection- can I order yet?

KRin said:

“Coping mostly” as that is what I am mostly doing!

Sheryl said:

I’m loving everything about the BE EXCELLENT TO EACH OTHER 💟 It’s such a positive + pin !! And a fun reminder for us all :) COPING MOSTLY is a pretty close analogy of my work days ~ so that one stands out to me too :D Thanks for sharing your amazing talent with us all ~ love ya work! 👏🏼👏🏼

Caroline said:

“I want to unsubscribe from this year” has to be my favorite, followed closely by “swearing” and “super snarky”, then the “fuck fuckity” one

Linda LeCren said:

I love the balance of Snarky and Excellent. Those are my 2, depending on ‘the opening of eyes’ moment, which to wear lol

Laura Sayer said:

My favorite is coping mostly I also love fuckty fuck fuck but don’t know if I would have the balls to wear it lol.

Thunder said:

I really like fuckity fuck!! and unsubscribe…

Helen Kate said:

Due to a long-time belief in those excellent philosphers, my favourite is “Be excellent to each other”, but “Super Snarky” and “Maybe swearing will help” are close behind ;) Of course, they’re all great!

Everett Valerie said:

Hard to choose between “coping mostly” and “maybe swearing will help”

Gem said:

LOVE ‘fuck fuckity fuck fuck’

Carol said:

I agree with Amanda, definitely the “fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck!” with “Maybe swearing will help” a VERY close second

fiona said:

most DEFINITELY the ‘fuck, etc’. have a feeling work wouldn’t be terribly impressed tho. Also LOVE the "unsubscribe’ one. That was last year for me. (Was kind of hoping this year would be better….)

Carleen said:

Be excellent to each other for sure. The kindness of friends and strangers has gotten me through this year. Never has it been more relevant. When I was pretty well at the bottom, a dear friend gave me your Courage pin. It means everything. And it’s survived accidentally going through the wash quite a few times! 🙄

Tabatha Delgado said:

Awesome new collection, going to be hard deciding! Can you also do a “far cough from me 2020“ badge to memorialise this crappy year?

Amanda said:

Oooo maybe swearing will help followed by swearing!! They are all excellent and i hoping to get me fingies on the pack

Taoe said:

‘Maybe swearing will help’…absolutely love it!!

Jennifer Reilly said:

Maybe Sweating Will Help. An excellent motto but Unsubscribe comes a very close 2nd

Phoebe said:

Why do you do this to me decisions, but I think coping might just win

Peta said:

Oh the super snarky! I shall wear it as a warning, those who ignore it do so at their own peril.

Natalie Hutchinson said:

It’s a hard chose between the fuck one and I’d like to unsubscribe!! Love them all! Amazing

Erica said:

I need the Coping Mostly one

Lisa Hayes said:

Oh my I will be getting these! Fuck fuck fuckity fuck is my fav

Sabine said:

I’m loving the, Coping Mostly, and I have to say the Maybe swearing will help, Of course I love them all, as usual.

Claire said:

Fuckity fuck. Brill. But I like them all, and I think ‘Coping Mostly’ would probably go down better at work!!
I laughed so hard at ‘I want to unsubscribe to this year’ but I really, really hope there will not be another year where I want to wear it!!
PS Super Snarky would make a great iron on patch. Like an achievement patch in scouts. I am going to go right ahead and hope that you’re planning to do more of these because I am a sucker for them.

Maruschka Loupis said:

Well, clearly the ‘f-efity-f’ pin needs to be paired with the swearing pin. And I’ll definitely be buying the ‘unsubscribe’ pin too!

Stacy said:

LOVE the ‘fuck fuckity fuck fuck’ and ‘maybe swearing will help’ ones!! Definitely getting these!!

Robyn Francis said:

My fave is “Maybe Swearing Will Help”
It always helps me. This is my badge !

Alannah said:

I love them! For me it’s ‘Coping Mostly’ and ‘Maybe Swearing Will Help’ hard to go past any of them really. fuckity fuck and be excellent to each other are wonderful too. Please guys, consider doing Openpay as well? I could buy more then! After pay and I don’t like each other xxxxx <3

Amanda said:

oh, absolutely going for the ‘fuck fuckity fuck fuck’!

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