Every year I attend 7-10 pop culture conventions around Australia (and sometimes overseas) but I never have a costume or cosplay outfit ready.

If I was prepared and I had organised a costume in advance I always think I would go as Daria or Enid from Ghost World but I am never prepared before the show.

So I was delighted when I discovered the instagram trend called Disneybounding which means you dress as Disney characters using clothes you already own.

cindarella disney bounding outfit inspiration. I wish I could get ready like this...

This has the advantage that, if you are lazy like me (and love Disney), you can find a costume at the last minute. It also means that you don’t need to invest much money as you are using clothes and accessories you already own or are easy to come by.

What is Disneybounding?

Disneybounding started due to Disneyland's policy that adults aren’t allowed in the park dressed in character costumes as it may confuse children. So people started wearing outfits in the colour scheme of their favourite characters so they wouldn't miss out (everyone likes to dress up right?)

minnie mouse at disneyland. One of my disneybounding inspirations

6 things I love about Disneybounding!

- It is cheap (you use things you already have)

- It is colourful and has a lot of block colours (like you would have in your wardrobe)

- You can recreate the costumes the way you would like to see them (hello steampunk Ariel and bad ass snow white)

- You get to dress as a Disney princess or villian or prince or mouse...anything really (and re-live your whole childhood)

- Its inclusive! It doesn’t matter what size, sex, race or ability you are you can totally rock disneybounding. Just check out all the awesome outfits people have put together on instagram (#disneybound #disneybounding)

- There are no rules! Mix and match colours and styles to create the character look you want.

How to find the perfect Disneybounding outfit.

Last year I put together two outfits for Melbourne Supanova (last min of course). Day 1 was badass Snow White featuring a yellow dress (op shop $1), blue cardi (op shop $1), red tulle hair scarf (from closet). I paired it with black leggings and boots and carried a sparkly apple purse that I had bought in Vegas a few years ago (where else would you find a shiny apple purse...lol)

 disneybounding as a bad ass snow white for oz comic con

Day 2 was Ariel from the Little Mermaid. I had most of my costume already so I pulled apart my wardrobe in search for my purple cardi with green trim (perfect!), blue swing skirt and giant octopus hair clip (I am sure everyone has one of these already...right?). Then I paired it with leggings and boots again (for a full day at a con I need comfort over anything else).

 Dressing in disneybound style ariel costume for oz comic con Alternative Little mermaid outfit for my disneybounding cosplay

Disneybound Costume Inspiration And Matching Pins

This year I am trying to decide who to go as so I have put together 3 new Disneybounding cosplay ideas.

  1. Tinkerbell

outfit ideas for a tinkerbell disneybounding costume featuring my lucky potion lapel pin

Colour scheme: green, yellow and blue.

Perfect Jubly Item- Lucky potion bottle pin (it's glittery and gold and green and the perfect match for Tinkerbell.

  1. Belle

Belle disneybounding costume ideas featuring my book nerd enamel lapel pin

Colour scheme: blue and white

Perfect Jubly item: Book nerd lapel pin (seems perfect for belle!)

  1. Evil Queen

Evil Queen disneybounding costume ideas

One of my favourite characters(gotta love the baddies, right!)

Colour scheme: purple, red and gold.

Perfect Jubly item: Poison bottle necklace and/or earrings.

Do you have any other great costume ideas? What would you choose to go as using items from your wardrobe?

June 10, 2018


Kate said:

If you’re wanting to do two costumes, my vote is for Tinkerbell & Evil Queen, otherwise just Tinkerbell.
Hope it’s a great weekend for you

Chrystal said:

Do Belle! All of them are wonderful but Belle’s particularly stands out for me.

Jasmine said:

The Belle outfit is you all over, but I dig the idea of the Evil Queen. You can rock it!

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