New nerdy geek tshirts by Jubly-Umph

The most exciting thing happened today! I wore my Wednesday tee from our new range and it is sooo good!  It is everything that I want out of a t-shirt; it's black, it's super soft and stretchy and it has a v neck!

People have been asking us to do more Jubly tees since last year and we have been searching and searching for exactly the right style of shirts and print quality....and we've found it!

Our new tees come in 5 mens designs and 9 womens designs! The women's designs go from a size XS-XL. While XL doesn’t seem all that big, it will fit an 18/20AUD size comfortably and look super cute to boot!

On the plus side (see what I did there!) the unisex/men's tees are also super stretchy with a nice fit for women as well as men. The neck is not too high and sit has shorter sleeves. I got myself a large in the unisex and it was a great fit and really similar in size to the women's XL.

These creepy cute t-shirts are printed to order so we can give you a wide range of designs.
Check out the Jubly-Umph team members with their favourite shirt from our new collection.

Crew Review

New day of the dead style wednesday tshirt

Tasha- I am wearing the Wednesday design on the womens v neck tee. It is my favourite design at the moment because it features a creepy cute girl with bats and poison bottles. The print is large on the shirt and it long enough to cover the top of my jeans or skirt with out being too long.

mens day of the dear geek nerd tee

The fit is perfect, and the material is really nice quality too. Together they make the shirt feel like a nice warm hug from a small, green and somewhat velvety/downy Jedi Master. In other words, it's very comfortable.

Mens death before decaf tshirt

I chose Decaf as it is a Jubly-Umph Classic and I wear black all the time.  And I love coffee...all the coffee

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July 21, 2016 — Jubly Umph

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