The other day I was heading to the bookshop to buy the new Harry Potter and realised that I needed a new book shopping bag. I wanted something that made a statement and basically screamed “BOOK NERD” to the whole wide world.....

So I did the thing I do every time I need something new and I sat down and created it.
When my dream book bag arrived from our fabric printers I was so happy I squealed! They are made of heavy canvas material, with strong handles and lots of room. In fact it had so much room that the Jubly crew and I stared to wonder what we could fit in it....hmmm

Here's what we found...

Things We Could Fit in the book bag...

#1 Twenty eight books
our new tote book shopping bags can fit 28 books shown next to a small dog for comparison
(28 books in the book bag(as demonstrated by Jeremy)(small dog shown for comparison)
#2 A small dog
A small dog george the dog
(George wasn't initially very happy about being carried in a tote bag but he settled down as soon as he got a cuddle)
#3 Random Grocery Items
(Lets just say we ate some very weird sandwiches this week...)
The new Jubly-Umph tote bags come in 5 different designs and are $29.95 each. View the collection HERE
August 11, 2016

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