1. What inspired you to create this new collection?

I was inspired by my favourite evil ladies from books and films. I have always liked the evil characters the most. They seem to have more motivation, ambition, back story and depth than the heroes. And of course they all have killer style!

Sketch of the evil wicked queen

Sketch of the evil sorceress

  1. The new works seem to be a mash of a few different styles?

Yes, I took the features of my favourite villains such as dark eyes and dress styles and combined them with elements of folk art such as Day Of The Dead style teeth, ornate flowers and tattoos. I took great delight in adding small details to each character such as the deadly nightshade plants on Wednesdays dress, the crow on the Sorceresses chest and the castle in the Evil Queens crown.

The evil sorceress and vintage sleeping beauty book

Jubly-Umphs purple poison bottle illustration

  1. There seems to be a colour theme. Was this intentional?

I didn’t set out to use set colours but as I worked on each of the pieces I found I was using the same emerald greens, deep purple and lilac and dark red and maroon.

Poison bottle enamel brooches are the perfect lapel pin

Wednesday pin brooch surrounded by runes, tarot cards, candles and keys

  1. How was the artwork created? Can you explain the process

I created this entire collection digitally. I sketch out the initial design in pencil in my sketchbook and then scan the sketch into Manga Studio and start drawing using my Cintiq tablet.

Evil sorceress pin brooches being completed

Harley Necklace is perfect for nerdy ladies and geeky jewelry lovers

  1. When will the new collection launch?

The new collection launches on 14th July at 8am and it includes 5 designs in brooches and pendants.

Spooky Wednesday pendant necklace made from stainless steel

Cute Wednesday pin brooch

July 12, 2016 — Jubly Umph


Ashley Kemp said:

These are so fabulous I can’t even formulate the proper words, so I’m just going to go with awesomesauce!! <3

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