Did you ever get made fun of for reading? Did you ever feel like an outsider because you enjoyed books and stories that could carry you away from everyday life and let you experience something more? Something different?

I felt exactly like that when I was growing up. I would have preferred to find a dark corner in my school and read a book through lunchtime instead of interacting with other people, but that wasn’t always possible. 

Book babushka sketch
Fortunately, these days I feel that attitudes towards reading have changed. Terms like 'weirdo' or 'book nerd' might still be being thrown around as insults, but at least we know now that we aren’t alone. There are plenty of other people like us out there and together it is easier for us to claim those names back. We can own them! (Also, reading is cool...everyone knows that.)

I am a proud Book Nerd!!! #booknerdsforever



Veni Vidi Legi, I came Isaw I read illustration

To honour Book Nerds everywhere I have created a new mini collection of 3 little bibliophiles. 

Each brooch design will be released as a Limited Edition of 99 pieces and come on a numbered card.

The new designs are available as brooches accompanied by art prints, tshirts and stud earrings. 

limited edition Booktopus brooch


They launch at 12pm on Thursday 12th July. So set your alarms as they are sure to sell out quick!

the bookbushka

July 09, 2018 — Jubly Umph


Saffron Prescott said:

What time is that English time? Very keen not to miss out for once!

Ngaire Booth said:

As a passionate Teacher Librarian in a small rural school, these are going to be a must have addition to my school wear….x

Caitlin O'Connor said:

Can’t wait for these!!!!

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