's getting cold here in Victoria. Fortunately I have been planning some new winter appropriate clothing. Introducing the Jubly-Umph Raglan!!!

Living in the south of Australia, I love how the seasons change in a gentle way. We don't get feet of snow outside the door, require 10 layers of ultra thick and baggy jackets or require any specific footwear to get by.

However, it does get cold enough to have you huddling in front of a cosy fire or heater, drinking wine and playing on your phone in the evenings (because let's be honest, that's what we do).

But it is still the start of winter and I am not completely hating it yet and whinging about the cold. I am still in love with the crisp mornings and late sunrises (late enough to see at my normal morning time). The rain hasn't set in for days and it is enjoyable to walk with the dogs in the evenings.


Tash Jubly-Umph Read Or Die Raglan

However, I am preparing for the change. That moment when I start hating winter.

My top 3 pet peeves about winter are:

- being cold

- the dreary depression that comes with weeks of continuous rain

- having a cold bum because your shirt isn't long enough

Pet peeve 1 and 3 are especially easy to fix since I have been making some new raglan t-shirt designs just for winter.

Jubly-Umph Read Or Die Raglan


NEW Raglan T-shirts.

Yep, these new shirts are super long with 3/4 sleeves and a high neck. They are made from a soft cotton with contrasting sleeves and, best of all, are available up to a 2XL men's/unisex size (approx 3XL women's size).


Raglan T-Shirt Outfit Flatlay


Sustainable t-shirts.

Each of our t-shirts are printed to order so you can choose your size, colour and design. 

Sizing: these are a men's fit shirt which means it is best to size down. For example I usually wear an XL in the fitted women's tee but I am wearing a Large in the raglan.

Beat the cold with our lovely new Raglans here.

June 05, 2018 — Jubly Umph

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