5 perfect places to curl up with a book- book forts and secret rooms

5 perfect places to curl up with a book- book forts and secret rooms

The best thing about being a mad keen reader is that you can do it almost anywhere. You can do it in the bath or an a train or in a car or in a restaurant.

But there is something really special about having a dedicated place to read, and just like bears hibernating for the winter, a book lover will often look for cosy places to curl up in a blanket cocoon, drink tea and read their way to an adventure(bears do that right?).

Here are my 5 favorite places to curl up with a book. Best of all these places can be made at home(for introverting purposes) from things you already have...books!

1. Book Fort

a book fort

Making living room forts as a child was always super fun, just like having midnight snacks and rollerskating. Recreate this experience with your very own book fort. Just grab some spare books(is there such a thing) and stack them strategically to build walls and a doorway. 

It might be better to use soft covers in case your engineering skills arent up to scratch. Hardbacks on the head hurt...

This book fort was found in a small independent bookstore. We are not sure if it is still standing...

ps. the book fort is the natural habitat of the book worm which you can see here...

 2. Book Throne

the best way to read is from a majestic book throne

There is nothing quite as majestic as curling up on a giant throne made completely of books. This book throne was built by Darko and you can find instructions on how to make your own here. 

My version of this, when i make it, will have a much higher back and probably be covered in gold paint and literary quotes. I'll start making it just as soon as I am finished the next chapter.


3. Book Nook

the ultimate book worms book nook
A book nook is a magical place where bookworms go to read when they aren't in their book forts. And best of all, you can make any cupboard or window seat or boot room into the perfect book nook. All you need to lots of books (that shouldn't be a problem), some comfy cushions, a reading light and a place to put your tea...

ps. this tea and books pin is the perfect thing for wearing in the book nook...


4. Secret Book Room

the secret passage in San Jose University library

If the Famous Five taught us anything it is that all good stories and houses should have a secret passage/room, oh and also some treasure, lots of treasure. (Whilst researching this blog I came across a page where someone had listed every single Famous Five book that featured secret passages, treasure, kidnapping etc in a spreadsheet. I am very impressed with how many secret passages/rooms they had.)

In literature and real life the ultimate secret room is always behind a bookshelf in a Library. And what could be better than a secret room already in a library. What if that room was filled with books...(that's my dream room anyway). 

The pic above is the secret passage in the San Jose State university library. I am pretty sure there is treasure in there...surely.

ps. this Strange and Unusual tote bag is the perfect way to stash your reading book while exploring secret rooms for treasure

5. Book Tree

a book tree is the perfect way to store books

When I was in primary school the library always did cool themed decorations like a teddy bear picnic, under the sea and a inside forest. That beautiful paper forest with brown twisted tree trunks and giant green leaves has always stayed with me so its natural I would want a book tree in my own house.

This amazing book tree has been made out of a tree trunk and wood shelves. I think with a bean bag underneath and some snazzy hanging lights it would be the perfect place to read. 

 ps. my book is the perfect nerdy book to go on a book tree bookshelf

The perfect book fort/room/nook/tree?

If you are a book lover like me would you make one, or all of these for your house? Would it be a throne, or a fort or a tree or a secret room? Let me know in the comments below.

Also check out my fav book accessories here

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