International women’s day is getting bigger and bigger every year. It is now covered by major magazines, newspapers and events across the country.

Misogynistic politicians such as Donald Trump and campaigns such as #metoo have catapulted feminism and gender inequality into the mainstream.

Feminism is no longer a dirty word.

Back when I was at uni in Gippsland Vic (early 2000’s) I won the position of women’s Director on the student union. This meant I was responsible for looking out for women’s rights and representation on campus. Every year I organised different events for Women’s Day including band nights, self defence classes, marches and demonstrations.  

Here’s a more comprehensive list of things you can do for international women’s day to support the women around you.

 1. Support women in small business via Kiva. Kiva is a charity that arranges micro loans to people, but largely women, in business. As it is a loan and not a donation it means you can reinvest your money over and over again in different people and projects and even take your money out again if you need it. We at Jubly-Umph are really passionate about supporting women in business and we have created a Kiva team which we would love for you to join. Have a look at Kiva here.


2. Sign a petition to support women’s rights. Signing a petition is free but it can make a big difference to women’s issues being represented in politics. Just being more aware of the issues that women face both at home and abroad helps the fight for equality.


3. Listen to new voices. Feminism is not just about middle class white women looking to break through the glass ceiling. It encompasses all women from every country in the world and all backgrounds. Experiences of sexism are often combined with additional hardships such as racism, ableism and sizeism. Recognising our differences and listening to different voices is important.

4. Give the gift of feminism to the next generation. Gift your favourite feminist books, tv, clothing, music etc. to the younger women in your life. It can be anything, so long as it includes strong female role models. Why not be the spark that ignites another’s life-long journey in feminism?


5. Challenge gender roles in your household. Gender roles in the household are the most common form of gender disparity. Who takes the burden of the household mental load? Who does the majority of cleaning and child care? Who takes time off work? All these are important questions, especially if you are raising children.

Don't forget: 20% of the retail price of our new feminist pins will be invested with Kiva to support women in small business in developing nations.

March 08, 2018 — Jubly Umph

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