The start of 2022 has turned out to be a bit of a shit show. Let’s be honest, we were kind of expecting it right? Like after 2020 and then 2021. This year had a high chance of following the same path. 

focus on what matters illustration by jublyumph


But from the pandemonium I’ve been able to gain a bit of space and reflect on what’s important to me. How I want to live my life. What I care about. What I want my future, and my community, and world to be like. 

And I ‘m not alone (I don’t think) in feeling this way. It’s helped me focus on what matters.

fuck perfect illustration for enamel pin

It’s also given me some space. A chance to step off the hamster wheel of life… and breathe. Some things can wait till tomorrow. It might be something you don’t want to do, but know you should. Or it might be something you really (really) want, only it’s out of reach for now. You don’t have to do everything NOW. You can take time to dream, plan and think. Or give yourself a much needed afternoon on the couch binging Netflix. 

Whatever it is, I’ll get organised tomorrow. 

i'll get organised tomorrow

This year is also about being kind. Kind to others (of course). But also kind to myself. And as much as you might want to keep everyone happy, you just can’t. It’s not possible. So make sure you’re doing what you love. And if people are unhappy, well sorry, not sorry. 

be nice twice enamel pin

This collection is about living a life that is right for you. Accepting yourself, flaws and all. Being the kindest person you can be, while doing the things you love. Life is already full of enough obstacles, without making it harder for yourself. We all deserve to have a life that full of what matters (to us). 

Completion not perfection enamel pin

My new collection launches at 12 pm on Thursday 27 January  (AEDT). 

Which design is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay safe, and look after yourselves and each other.

Lots of Love, Tasha and the Jubly Crew. XX

January 24, 2022 — Jeremy Meaden

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