Women around the world are sick of the bullshit. Sick of the same-old sexism, misogyny and chauvinism which has been around since the beginning of time.

Now is the time to stand up, speak out, have our voices heard and above all else be loud! I wanted this collection to celebrate the powerful, strong, women that inspired me. And also act as a talisman reminder of your own power. 

What better way to remind you to stand up and call out sexism than by wearing some of the mightiest feminist quotes? 


when they go low we go high


When They Go Low We Go High Lapel Pin

As I’ve grown older it’s become so obvious how much easier it is to resort to snide, underhanded remarks. 

But Michelle Obama reminds us to rise above. Don’t fall for it. Don’t sink to their level. 

Stay the course because your cause and carefully-constructed arguments are ALWAYS going to hold more power than their personal attacks. When they go low, we go high. 

 not now not never pin


Not Now Not Ever! Lapel Pin

It’s not often a speech in the House of Representatives sticks but oh damn, this one really hit the right note, not just for me but for millions around the world. I remember nodding along when Julia Gillard absolutely gave it to Tony Abbott and called out his horrible behaviour for the toxic misogynist he is. 

Men of his variety will gaslight and flip things to their advantage, but this pin is that reminder that you NEVER have to take that crap. Not Now Not Ever!


i'm speaking enamel pin


I’m Speaking Lapel Pin 

My whole life I’ve experienced people (usually men) speaking over me. Cutting me off. Refusing to listen because of my gender. Kamala Harris’ words in pin form are that reminder to lay down the law and have your say. ‘I’m speaking’ is a reminder that your voice is powerful and shouldn’t be silenced. 


i dissent

This collection is being released just in time for International Women's Day and launches at  12 pm on Thursday 24 February (AEDT). 

Which design is your favourite? I’d love to know, so tell me in the comments!

Stay safe and fierce <3

Lots of love, Tasha and the Jubly crew. xo

February 21, 2022


Erin Parry said:

I’m going to buy a few “not now, not ever” pins for my ladies at work!

Louise said:

I’m getting all of them. They are all brilliant, and important.

As a lifelong feminist, I wish I could wear them this week for the March 4 Justice.

Jesse said:

Love the “I’m Speaking” pin.

Allana said:

I love I Dissent and Not Now, Not Ever! Setting a reminder for Thursday!!

Lisa said:

It’s going to really hard to decide The “Not now, not ever!” is utterly fabulous, but “I dissent” is awesome too … mostly because I do. All the time. Usually very loudly. Perhaps a permant pin might be a good plan …

Alison said:

I love the deeds not words. I’ve heard so may times we’ll do this, we’ll change that, but nothing happens.
I love Not Now Not Ever. Amazing speech by a Prime Minister that put up with more than any before her.

Karen said:

I love them all, definitely getting “not now, not ever” and “deeds not words”. Excellent collection, love your work 😊

Chris (tine) Plumridge said:

I ll be buying the "I’m speaking " badge. I’m sick of being spoken over the top. I am NOT invisible and what I have to say has vva

Sandra said:

Love the new collection, my favourite would have to be the ‘Not Now, Not Ever’ pin with the gumnut and eucalypt leaves. A real touch of Australiana! Keep on, keeping on!

Kerry said:

Love these! Good to be able to speak up in badges and words 💪🏼

Nicole said:

I love the Not Now Not Ever pin!!

Tracy Burrows said:

They’re all great but I’ll definitely be getting the “Not now, not ever” pin! In fact, I’m just about to go and listen to the “Not now, not ever” song recorded by Topology :)

Cady said:

Not now, not ever …. Classy without being strident. If you know, you know.

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