I like to swear. Quite a bit actually. And sometimes I even tend to get sweary in some of my emails to you guys. And then, sometimes, those emails would get blocked, and the reason given would be because of 'bad words', and it gave me an idea to create an entire collection of bad words, because who doesn’t love being sweary?

Sometimes there is no other word that accurately, truly, describe how you feel.



 Like the fact that society has taught women to never, ever be rude. To be polite. It’s this conditioning that then makes women vulnerable to harm.

I can’t tell you the number of times in my teens or early twenties that I felt uncomfortable because of someone’s behaviour, but also feared being rude to them. I was always polite to men, despite my unease, only to then be followed, or harassed by them.

Now I say: Fuck that. Fuck Politeness.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for being kind and helpful to people. But I’m just no longer willing to put up with unacceptable behaviour. And neither should you.

People that treat you badly, don’t deserve your patience.

Which has become my life motto -  Do no harm, take no shit.

Now, I’m not saying that we should all just look after ourselves. Looking after only ourselves has gotten us into all sorts of mess! Just look at the news. Or the environment. Or talk to a scientist.

Looking after ourselves, with very little regard for each other, or the planet has not worked.

It feels like right now, in many ways, things have culminated in a seriously big mess.

Racism, sexism, climate change, poverty... Every time I turned on the news it’s just one depressing thing after another. I’m tired of finger-pointing and blame.

We need action and we need it now: Let’s un-fuck the world.



So sometimes bad words are good. Sometimes bad words show the passion and anger behind them, and we can channel that into doing better, and being better, by looking after ourselves and each other. 

My new collection will launch at 12 pm on Thursday 22nd April (AEST). 

Which design is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!

Stay safe, and look after yourselves and each other.

Lots of Love, Tasha and the Jubly Crew. XX

April 19, 2021


Leonie Ann said:

Do no harm butt take no shit.
I’m a fuckin delight. Sold!!!!

Nancy Sorrell said:

I love them all … but my favorite is … do no harm but take no shit … as well as … let’s unfuck the world … great pins … well done 🌸♥️

Rebecca said:

Damn, girl! These are SO great! I was raised not to swear (my younger sisters recoiled in horror the first time they heard me say “damn”; they of the large 4-letter word vocabulary), but it seems the older I get the more it becomes necessary…. Good thing Jubly Umph is there to swoop in with just the right accessories!

Colin said:

I need Do no harm, take no shit. on a tshirt

Suzanne said:

I would love these as earrings!! I wear the Fuck Off earrings a lot as I have PTSD and it can men away. But when women see them they absolutely LOVE them. Also have the No Fucks Left earrings and the Fuck Fuckity Fuck Fuck ones! Absolutely adore them!

Di Harris said:

I just want the whole Fucking lot

ildi said:

Hooray :)

Sandra said:

Love the whole collection! Untuck the World & I’m a Fucking Delight tickle me!

Lorrie Nelson said:

Thank you. I love your creative.

Linda LeCren said:

Definitely Unfuck the world, my fav as. They all work 4 me though but WOW UFTW.

Lolathamel said:

Love them ALL!
Fuck Politeness is a win for me as I was raised to be extra polite too. Need the all really!

Mary said:

OMG…I’m gonna have to buy some…because I AM a fucking delight! 😁 The patch would be perfect as a feature on one of my handmade handbags!

Tanya said:


Leslie O'Brien said:

“Do no harm, take no shit.” is also my life motto. I need t-shirts with this on. :D

Tracy McConnon said:

These are amazing- my fav…
Swear Jar: its Princes 5th Anniversary on Wednesday- he had a swear jar 💜
Would love patches of these.

Donna said:

I love them all. Un-Fuck The World is my favourite.

Deborah said:

Fantastic! Definitely have to have the set! Especially I’m fucking delightful and all out of fucks (my absolute favourite)

Natalie O said:

I love them all!!! Faves:
Unfuck the world, I’m a fucking delight, do no harm, take no shit.

Girl, these are rad as fuck. There you go, there’s you’re next pin collection: Rad as Fuck.

Karen Carlisle said:

Will the do no harm, take no shut be available as a badge.?

Amulet ov Acorn said:

No shit. “I’m a fucking delight” is literally in the picture on my fb profile right now! This collection is very well needed… I think Fuck Politeness is my favourite, but I love them all. 👊💥✨

Robyn said:

Oh my!
These are amazing.
Unfuck the world is perfection.
They are all perfection!

Caity O’Connor said:

“Do no harm, take no shit”???? So, let’s talk buying artwork and tattoos, yeah?!

Cody said:

My favourite is the “I’m a f*ing delight” pin.

Sarah Craig said:

Hey Tasha,

What a great collection! For me, it’s a tie between ‘Unfuckwithable’ and ‘Unfuck The World’. So brilliant!

Lotsa love,
Sarah xxx

Linda Heywood said:

Love, love, love the new collection, please bring out some in patches too.
Simply amazing work 😉🤣

Nicole said:

Great new collection. 👏👏 Fav is ‘Unfuck the World’ 🌏

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