Mothers come in so very many different forms.

There are the mothers that give birth to you. The stepmothers. The foster Mother.

The best friends mum that let you stay over whenever you needed during high school.

The mothers in law. The fur mumas.

They’re the people that love you when you need love. That support you. That gives you a damn straight talking-to when you need it.

They’re underappreciated and overworked, but they do it anyway.

Sometimes they make you roll your eyes, but when all hell breaks loose they’re the person you pick up the phone to call because you know that they’ll know what to say.

Even when you become a mum, your mum is still there helping you, and loving you.

I made this pin because I know how hard mums work, and every mum is a superhero in my opinion.

And this last year has been tough on mums with more lockdowns and home-schooling whilst also still trying to do their job. Sadly, as usual, women were disproportionately the ones picking up the extra work at home.

We’re very lucky in Australia, but in some other countries it’s still not safe to meet up in person, and many people are still feeling the financial pinch from worldwide lockdowns.

Which is why I’ve also offering these free colouring-in sheets of my Mother of the fucking year pin (and a swear free one for all the kiddies as well)! 


Original colouring in sheet



Swear- free colouring in sheet


This year make sure you let your mum know that she’s the Mother of the fucking year. 

May 04, 2021 — Jubly Umph

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