Remember high school? Remember those girls and guys who got big bouquets of flowers and boxes of chocolates and teddy bears every single Valentines Day? Some schools even announced who got flowers over the PA cruel.

Remember that feeling of being left out and excluded if you were alone, as though you had to justify yourself through relationships as a teen. 

valentines day is hard on kids and adults alike

Yeah, I remember. That's why I am still bitter. I hate any holiday that deliberately excludes people and worse, rubs it in their face for something as simple as not being in a relationship. (Though my mum always got me a Valentines gift...thanks mum)

anti valentines day

But its a couples day, the teddy bears that say 'I love you', the boxes chocolates in red heart boxes that will be on sale the next day and conversation sweets imported from the USA, all that is designed for couples.

Last year I wrote a blog post about celebrating Galentines Day instead of Valentines Day. Galentines day is the fictional holiday in Parks and Recreation made up by main character Leslie Knope. It is a day for celebrating your gal pals and going out to brunch lady-style. 

I love it! I love the idea of celebrating love that's not romantic and really appreciating the friends and people around you.

valentines day

And what about self-love? Why cant you spend Valentines Day treating yourself? 

Here's 4 ways to spoil the one you love! (ie: yourself) 

1. Buy the one-you-love a plant!

Yes, flowers are traditional but flowers also die within a few days. Its not really a great symbol of love. But this year we are celebrating self love so we want something that's going to be hardy, tough and cleans the air at the same time. I like maiden hair ferns for their pretty green leaves and succulents for their ability to (usually) not die.

2. Take yourself out for coffee. 

Sometimes we forget to take a few minutes out to spend by ourselves and for ourselves. Take 15 minutes and make it yours. It doesn't have to be a coffee. It could be anything; reading a book, getting a massage, hiring a babysitter/family member to watch your kids...

tread yoself this valentines day

3. Buy yourself something nice.

Its always fun to give yourself gifts. After all, YOU deserve it! There's no need to go crazy though. A $5 lip balm or handmade candle might be just as nice as an expensive dress and give you a warm fuzzy feeling. I am obviously biased because I make pins and accessories (hint hint, nudge nudge) but jewellery is great. 

p.s. When you buy a gift, ask the sales assistant or online shop if they can gift wrap it and add a little card that says 'To the one I love'. 

4. Make something for yourself.

Could be cupcakes, could be colouring in a picture, could be a woodworking project or some crochet. There is something very satisfying about completing a project that is just for you. 

5. listen to some friendship empowering songs

 Listen to our friendship inspiring Galentines Day playlist. Warning, you will be humming the Golden Girls theme tune all day..







February 12, 2018 — Jubly Umph

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