To truly have a great Galentine’s day, one must have a playlist worthy of the Galentine’s name. We have done our best to cover all the bases with some old, new, corny, sincere and groovy tunes and assembled our 5 top picks for any Galentine gathering.

1. Cindi Lauper : Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Yeah, it’s a super obvious choice. That’s why it’s first on the list. It’s the only real way to start a Galentine’s play-list. Apart from being one of the most fun songs ever written, Cyndi Lauper’s anthem is as awesome and relevant as it was the day it was released.  For bonus points, here’s a recording of Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj doing a cover of it last year, 23 years after it was released. They don’t come more legendary, influential and downright fun than this. 

Queen : You’re My Best Friend



This song is so ubiquitous that it’s become film short-hand for ‘steadily growing friendship’. It accompanies innumerable film montages with gooey scenes of food fights, putting make-up on at the same time in the same mirror and jovial tandem bike rides. But who doesn't secretly imagine themselves slow motion laughing with their girlfriends when this song comes on the radio.

The Golden Girls Theme Song



This song may have more corn than a cinema’s carpet but it says all that needs to be said between best friends and room mates. It was a ground breaking TV show about four great gal pals in their golden years and its theme song is an ode to the longest lasting friendships. Even if it is eye-wateringly cringy its heart is in the right place.  Also Betty White was on this show and she’s completely amazing. Behold:

Apologies: Spotify only seems to have the original Andrew Gold version and not the one recorded by Cynthia Fee for use as the TV theme. To hear that in all its glory you’ll have to follow the youtube link.

Bill Withers : Lean On Me



The original ballad of human connection, this song has accompanied many a teary-eyed drinking session. It’s frank portrayal of human frailties and strength in adversity makes for some pretty great sing-alongs. It definitely sounds better if you sing with your arm around someone’s shoulders while spilling some of your drink on their chest.  


Destiny’s Child : Independent Women, Pt. 1



It wouldn’t be a Galentine’s day playlist without a song that you can seriously shake to and this is that song. It also has some great empowerment lyrics going on that need to be sung loudly so that your neighbours can be empowered too.

Honourable Bonus Mention:

The White Stripes: We’re gonna be friends.



 It’s a goodie.

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January 17, 2020

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