Be My Anti-Valentines! Lets celebrate Galentines Day instead!

Be My Anti-Valentines! Lets celebrate Galentines Day instead!

Be My Anti-Valentine...

Now that the excess tinsel and crackers have been sold off and all the miniature plastic Australian flags have been put away, the supermarket shelves are suddenly filled with paraphernalia from my least favourite holiday...Valentine’s day.

Red heart baking dishes, aprons and teddy bears cram the shelves along with chocolate roses and tacky cards decorated with insincere greetings.

Valentine’s day can be fun, don’t get me wrong, but it often feels forced upon you which makes it a miserable day for anyone who is single or on rocky ground.

leslie knopes is the queen of galentines day, the best holiday of the year


Let's Celebrate Galentine's Day Instead!

A little while ago I was watching Parks & Recreation and fell in love with the fictional holiday Galentine’s Day which was created by the main character Leslie Knope.

In the show Knope is all about strong, driven women in leadership roles and ladies supporting ladies, which is something that you don’t see often enough on TV.

Galentine’s Day is the perfect summary of this.
galentines day! best thing to do is give your gal pals some special gifts like craft themed lapel pins
The holiday falls on Feburary 13th and is like Valentine’s Day, but instead of promoting romantic love it promotes love for your lady friends.  

In Leslie Knopes own words Galentines day is ...Only the best day of the year!

"Every February 13th, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It's like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas."

So lets ditch Valentine’s Day and celebrate Galentine’s day instead!

4 things to do with your lady friends this Galentines Day

1. Craft party - grab the cheese board, wine and p.js and settle in for a TV marathon and craft-a-thon! You will need: glue guns, glitter and scissors, with a bit of madness thrown in for good measure.
craft party! the perfect way to celebrate galentines day to to make stuff with your friends. Brooches, glitter and wine are required
2. Breakfast- breakfast is the best meal of the day. Everybody knows this. Leslie Knope likes to celebrate Galentine’s day by going out for waffles and frittatas. You could treat your gal pals to brekky at your fav cafe or cook them up a fun brunch. (pic is from my gal pal @jettcherry ...we love doing breakfast!)
galentines day- go out to breakfast with your best friends
3. Presents- giving your gal pals a little gift of appreciation is a super nice thing to do. You could make them a card, pick some flowers or give them something small and meaningful (see my new crafty lapel pins below).
new crafty lapel pin brooches are perfect for a galentines day gift
4. Playlist- Listen to our Galentine’s Day playlist HERE and party on lady style. Let’s just say you are going to want to hit repeat on the Golden Girls theme song...
on galentines day you should listen to this super fun playlist of songs. hit repete  on the golden girls theme song

Crafty Treats- New Lapel Pins!!

In celebration of Galentines Day I have designed these fun crafty lapel pins. They are the perfect gift for your Gal pals or for yourself. These pins are only  $14 each or you can get the set of 3 for $35. They have been made in a limited edition so if you want them you gotta get them quick!


crochet ball lapel pin is the cutest thing for crafty ladies

pencils crossed! this cute enamel lapel pin is perfect for a writer or artist


three crafty lapel pins for crochet, arty and sewing ladies

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