The response to my koala was unimaginable. I originally started with the aim to raise $10,000, but in less than 24 hours we had pre-sold 1520 pins and just over $25000!

We originally announced that we would be donating profits from the pins but after such an amazing result I decided to donate the full amount to the CFA and WIRES. These donations have now been made as well as a donation of $1185.20 to the Red Cross from our sample sale earlier this month :)

GOOD NEWS!koala charity pin by Jubly-Umph raised $25,000 for bushfire relief

 I wanted to thank everyone for being so patient while the pins were being made.

It still took us a bit of time to get the koala pin orders out because we had approximately 1000 individual orders to post. That also meant 1000 pins put on cards, packages wrapped, labels printed and boxes folded etc.

It is quite a big deal for our small business!

We managed to get everyone their pins in about 3-4 weeks however, which was a massive effort in addition to our normal orders!


I want to thank you for all your support in buying this pin and spreading the word on social media.

I created the pin because like many of you, I felt so helpless watching the devastation around the country. I just wanted to do something - anything to help.

We as community have come together to raise this money. It honestly brought me to tears seeing people support this.

If you missed out on the pins you can sign up for the waiting list for the next round here: KOALA PIN

You can also grab a FREE copy of my Not All Heroes Wear Capes digital print here: Download the print here

xo Tasha xo


January 27, 2020
Tags: Jubly News

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