We love pins! They are so fun to decorate your clothing or bags or work lanyards with but we do realise that they aren't always practical for every occasion...

pins and patches look great on jackets

The main reason I create art is to give you(and me too) little reminders that you can wear every day. Reminders to be proud of your passions, whether they are books and reading or a love of crafts. Reminders that you are strong and fighting invisible battles every day and that you can be your own hero.

feminist bookish and crafty patches by Jubly-Umph

Turning my most popular designs into patches seemed the obvious choice. 

i love reading, book monster and reading addicts club patches

They are perfect addition to a jacket or bag. Wear them on the outside for others to see or iron them into a pocket or lining for a reminder just for you.

See the whole collection HERE

Which one do you need?

these new patches are perfect for jackets and bags

January 20, 2020 — Jubly Umph


Michele-Fay said:

I just found your site tonight,& adore everything! Time to save some Muggle money to treat my daughter to your Goodies in April in time for her Birthday!🦓💕🐾🇨🇦

Linda LeCren said:

I’m a pin addict, particularly jubly-umph pin obsessive, patches however ohoh here we go on another jubly-umph ride. Exciting !!


loving the designs, will look good on my backpack

Alexis said:

I’m doing a happy dance right now! Can’t wait for the release of these. What a fantastic idea. 💕

Lee Mcfarlane said:

OMG YES YES YES, You’re the best July-Umph!

Laura said:

Yay!!! So excited will buy them all 😊

Alison said:


Will have to put it on my quilt 😊

Av said:

I love these so much!!

Michelle Grant said:

Ooh I love patches! What a brilliant idea!

Karen said:

Happy new year!……. the enamel pins look perfect on that denim jacket. I’d really like to say right now is ‘my heart belongs to you’ xxx

Annabelle Copeland said:

I love them! What a great idea. ☺️💓

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