Hey all you Sewciopaths! Needle Minders are almost here!

'Sewing – Its not just a craft, its therapy.' Over the last couple of years you all have been sending me BIG hints encouraging me to make our most popular designs into needle minders. We've heard you and here they are!!!

I must admit I do like a bit of sewing, when I get the time. I have what I like to call M.P.P – Multiple Project Problems. I start too many things and take a long time to finish them. So often my projects get cast aside half completed with supplies and equipment left in a pile.

My latest project was adding giant pockets to a simple check Kmart summer dress(why did it not come with pockets...WHY!!)

I used vintage tea towels featuring Australian flora. I completed it a month or so ago and the one thing that would have made my project easier is one of these little needle minders.

vintage tea towel pockets

Over the last few years I have received 2-3 messages a week asking me to make needle minders. I haven't been ignoring them- I thought it was a fantastic idea, however it wasn't as simple as I originally imagined.

I had to make a few different prototypes before I found a combination of size, composition and magnet strength that I was happy with.

But now they're here!!!

I have made 4 needle minders from some of my best selling designs as voted on by members of our Jubly-Umph Stay Weird Facebook group.


What is a needle minder? It is a decorative charm with a magnet on the back and another magnet to secure it in place. You can use it on a sewing project, craft or embroidery to hold needles pins and other small items to keep them safe.

Whether you are a sometimes sewer like me, or a die hard stitch witch, these fun little favs are for you!

They launch online this Thursday at 12pm Melbourne time

Which one do you need? let me know in the comments!


Salena Serrano said:

omgomgomgggggg YES!! I just received my sewciopath pin last week and I am obsessed!! I cannot wait for this launch! Thank you for keeping us sewciopaths in mind always.

Karen Peterson said:

Need several for gifts. Sewciopath, Didn’t stab anyone and Maybe sweating will help.

Linda T said:

Great idea!! I’ll be hoping to get two of “Didn’t Stab….”, two of “Sewciopath”, & two of “Maybe Swearing…”.

The summer dress idea with big pockets is nice!
Stay safe

Debbie Wood said:

Well, I can’t go serial and order mass merch like I did before, but I do seriously need a “Didn’t stab anyone today” for the best DIL ever! She’s taken up multi-projects, but they all involve stitchery. I love all the Needle Minders, tho’!

Abera Delaney said:

I would love a Didn’t Stab Anyone Today Needle Minder.
By chance would the magnet be strong enough to wear on my blouse?
I love your pins!

Clare Ring said:


Kris said:

Will these work to hold the ever evasive cable needle for knitters? I seriously need “didn’t stab anyone today” (among others)

Robbie Brewington said:

I love all of them but Maybe Swearing Will Help might be my favorite.

Kerry said:

Fuckity fuck is the winner 🥇

Maureen E. Ondrako said:

Hahaha, lol, and Fuckity, fuck fuck fuck! “Maybe Swearing Will Help” is my mantra! I’d love that one, because, just maybe I’ll get through this life with a few choice swears?!? (These are fucking great!) Congrats on a new, useful product!

Jane said:

Love the sewciopath one. Sweary one is appropriate too!

Loretta Sanders said:

I’m so EXCITED!!! I absolutely need all of these!!!
I hope I don’t miss out 😔

Julz C said:

Oh I’m going for F F F F. That is my usual catch cry when something goes astray. My friends call i doing a Julz!

Sue Talbot said:

Sewciopath and Maybe swearing will help, because these are the words that use when I am sewing.

Christine said:

I like them all. The one that stands out to me is Maybe swearing will help. Who has not wanted to swear when you can’t get stitch tension right on your sewing machine, bobbin thread jams breaking a needle or taking many attempts to thread the needle. A few choice words certainly helps.

Julie said:

I definitely need the “ fuck – fuckity fuck” for 2 reasons – it’s what I say when I edit a needle (yet again) or I have to stop the project because of other commitments or I’m stuck on some aspect –
Ps pockets o. Dresses should be compulsory – delicately hidden or on your face – it’s just one of life’s necessities

Jen Walden said:

Next time you make these, maybe the “Sewing is my therapy” could be added to the list. It would look great next to “Fuck”!!! Both are very apt for sewers!!! Can’t wait for these to go on sale. Thanks.

Christina said:

I don’t NEED any of the needleminders. But I WANT the one that says Fuck, Fuckity, Fuck, Fuck

Lynda said:

The “didn’t stab anyone” made me laugh, especially with the crossed pins!

Cath said:

Wish granted!
Off to camp out on the letter box.

Rachel said:

Love the “Sewsciopath” and the “Didn’t stab anyone today” options!

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