As someone who always struggled with science and maths in school because I found it hard to absorb that type of information (thanks neurodivergent brain) its ironic that I am now making a collection celebrating STEM. But while I was a mediocre student I was always interested in reading about scientific discoveries and learning about new technologies and advancements.

new stem themed enamel lapel pins from jubly-umph

So after I had received a dozen requests to do some STEM themed designs I knew it was something I wanted to share: a love of learning.

stem is cool enamel pin

If you have ever marvelled at a rocket launch, obsessed over a video game, or climbed the Eiffel tower you will know that STEM is cool!!

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is about building and creating and discovering. Its about exploring our world and others. 

Whether you're a tech-savvy kid who's always on the lookout for the next big thing or a curious adult who wants to make an impact, STEM is where the magic happens (and is understood).

And if that's not cool then I don't know what is!

i'm still learning enamel pin

This collection aims to encourage people to Be Inquisitive and always look for problems and answers.

Its for people who know that they will always be ‘still learning’.

be inquisitive enamel pin

And for those know that science is magic that’s real!

science is magic thats real pin

new stem enamel pins

The collection launches this Thursday Feb 2nd at 12pm Melbourne time!

Which pin is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.

new science and stem enamel pins from jubly-umph

January 30, 2023 — Jubly Umph


Debra said:

As a former chemist – I’m loving the erlenmeyer flask pin!

Jill joles said:

How FAB!
I do hope you’ve made LOTS!

Sherry VS said:

These are AMAZING designs! Wish I could get get them in traditional pin backing, not the post-style that is nearly imposible to pry apart. I’d buy more if there was a backing choice.

Suzanne Helmick said:

Oh my gosh!!! I love all of them and can’t wait to be able to buy them!

Joann said:

Love the “Science is Magic” pin.

Jeannette O'Donnell said:

STEM is definitely cool 😎! I love being a part of this really cool 😎 community!!

Jodie said:

My favourite is most definitely “Science is magic that’s real” - because it just is, isn’t it?!

Janet said:

’I’m still learning’ is my favourite pin. It is an idea i believe in. We never stop learning.

Sharon said:

I love the conical flask!

Denise said:

All older peeps (like me) and all teachers/professors need the I’m Still Learning badge and the spirit to go with it.

Ruth said:

My nine-year-old daughter has squealed with delight and asked for the whole set. I think you’re on a winner with this one!

Robyn said:

They are all gorgeous. But my favourite is I’m still learning. I am 63 this birthday, and never a truer word.
I may be ordering a few in this series for family and friends.
If you stop learning, you’ve probably died.

Sarah Weeks said:

This is SOOO awesome! I’m a huge fan of your badges, but can’t wear any of the sweary ones at work because I am a Maths/Science teacher. So very excited about your new STEM range and look forward to wearing a more broad collection (mainly wear the bookish and inspirational ones at work ).

Milly said:

These are absolutely gorgeous and wonderful!!
Now that you have STEM covered, how about the the neurodiverse community?? Or those struggling with a disability? I’d love to buy a unique pin for my son and his many little warriors fighting unseen battles xx love your work!!

Kylie said:

I LOVE the whole new STEM set. They’re all AMAZING :)

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