Thanks for your feedback on the Easily Distracted By Books enamel pin! I really appreciate your help figuring this out.

The stress is real....

I thought I had everything organised and had made them well in advance but book week is NEXT WEEK. 

Fingers crossed they do arrive in time. If they do I will send out an email ASAP with all the details on how to get one.

tasha holding the artwork for easily distracted by books enamel pin

Here is a little video of the piece being drawn and the inspiration behind it.

I wanted to do something special for Book Week this year. Something to represent book lovers and with a little nod to my last neurodivergent collection. 

Are you easily distracted by books like me?

Does and invisible force drive you towards a bookstore before the grocery store? Are you easily swayed to stop and flip through an interesting cover? Are there way too many books on your kindle that you've only scratched the surface?

Do you constantly think 'Why there are so many dishes, am I out of Tea, and where did the day go?'  

We get you! When you pick up a good book, you get lost in the pages, easily distracted and time just disappears...

This pin is a collectors edition! We will only have 300 of them (when they arrive). 




I just got this pic sent to me by my manu!! So exciting! (Sorry its a bit dark)

sneak peek pic from manu


August 14, 2023 — Jubly Umph


Rhonda said:

distracted by books happen 52 weeks a year so the pin is goog all year round

Valerie Mcclory said:

Launch them when you get them and Market them as:
Hey Book lovers! Now that Bookweek is over and you have organized all your purchases it’s time to let everyone know where you stand – Easily Distracted by Books!

Linda Tyldesley said:

Book Pins will be great – & I hope potential for patches in the future.
Great ideas!!

Rhon T said:

Please release asap. The book pin is a beautiful design and the ear rings too 💕 will make lovely accessories 😁

I enjoy books every day, I don’t always have time to read every word
I visited Melb recently and was weighed down 😩 with books to carry back home
Just L O V E books

Natalie Popple said:

Definitely want Tea and Books pin add in knitting and you’ve got me down pat 😊

Why put off till tomorrow what can be released into the Universe today?

Be your unapologetic awesome self.

Take it from an Ole Crone like me.

Sarah said:

Launch ASAP! I NEEEEEED this!!

Fiona said:

Just release it. Having been scarred by book week costume making (the year we moved to Australia I had to do it twice because it’s in March in the UK) it is nothing special for me and I am glad that phase of life is over. But…. I am easily distracted by books!

Trevor Eadie said:

As an artist who spends hours
sketching and rendering a
portrait in pencil so that the
sketches are photo like,
I learned that patience is a virtue
Waiting for something you love
makes them even more special.

Hold out till book week next year.
The response is going to be

Peggy said:

now, now, now, NOW please!

Gina said:

Bellissima!!! I will order them. Yes. The description is me!!!

Kris said:

Release them! Book week is every week, every day, so whenever they come is to be celebrated!

Alice said:

Love them!!!! Please release them into the world xo

Tandri said:

Lauch them asap. It’s book week every week 🙂💜

Lauren said:

I say, later in the year. They would make fantastic Christmas presents, only if though, they don’t get here in time for book week! The only reason I wouldn’t say wait till book week next year, you might have new ideas by then!

Ruth said:

When my daughter (now 10) first heard about Book Week, she cried and asked if that meant it was the only week in the year that she was allowed to read?? That was when I truly knew just how close to the tree the apple had landed!!
Be gentle with yourself – the Mum in me says next year is fine and you can already tick it off your to-do list well in advance. The Reader in me, however……..!!!

Kim said:

Launch them when they arrive regardless of Book Week!
There are plenty of us book lovers out there that would wear this pin proudly any week (and every day) of the year!!!

melly said:

i don’t need to share my timtams with a paperback😉

Catherine said:

And be kind to yourself ❤️❤️

Wendy said:

Love love your pins

Catherine M said:

Don’t stress! Everything you do brings a smile any time. And I agree that it’s always book week ❤️

Sharon said:

Release as soon as you get them, look forward to ordering mine. And yes, swap both so there are pins and earrings of both. 😁

Anita said:


Loraine Smith said:

Please, I’d love one 💕

Zen said:

Make the Gold earrings a pin 😍

Robyn in the West said:

Hi Tash
Release it when it arrives. BUT, if you locally produce the stickers, I’d have them available for book week. Kids love something to stick on things. Perhaps you can get some done that are about pin sized as well as your usual metallic finished sized ones.
Just a couple of thoughts.

Kathy said:

So need to get one of these for my daughter as soon as they are available. She has copies of books for display and copies of the same books for reading!!

Sarah M said:

I will buy these any time of year!

Delia Shepherd said:

I would launch them ASAP!!
But it’s totally up to you!!


Annelies Taylor said:

Don’t forget – world book day – market to uk in time for March, and rest of the world in time for April.
So all is not lost!!!

Annelies Taylor said:

Don’t forget – world book day – market to uk in time for March, and rest of the world in time for April.
So all is not lost!!!

Priscilla Green said:

I’d love the “easily distracted” design done as earrings, if possible?

Carolyne Ryall said:

The pins really make me smile

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