Do you ever get that feeling when you’re creating that time stands still. You feel unstoppable, lost in the moment, full of inspiration and focus. But then you glance at the clock only to realise the day is gone!

Don’t panic though, just keep calm and sew on!

My new enamel lapel pin collection is designed especially for sewers, crafters, and anyone who finds solace in the soothing (or stabby) rhythm of a needle and thread.

tasha holding a frame with an artwork. the picture is of a pair of scissorw with a banner that reads Mischief maker

There are 6 lapel pin designs that celebrate the art of stitching and proudly display your sewing pride. With such a great response from the last needle minder collection I've added a few these beauties to the fold as well!

i can fix it seam ripper enamel lapel pin

Here's some sneak peaks of the new collection!

Stitching is My Therapy Spool Enamel Lapel Pin
Some people exercise, others garden. I sometimes solve my problems by the simple meditative art of stitching. Go ahead, get lost in your thoughts and take one stitch at a time.

stitching is my therapy spool enamel lapel pin

Mischief Maker Sewing Scissors Enamel Lapel Pin
Do your eyes widen with delight as you reach into your stash? Do you hide your sharpest scissors on purpose so no one else can use them? Do pointy needles and beautiful thread fill you with glee?
You must be a mischief maker!

mischief maker scissors enamel lapel pin

Keep Calm and Sew On Teapot Enamel Lapel Pin
When the errors happen, frustration wells up and all else fails just make yourself a cup of your favourite brew and repeat after me: Keep calm and sew on!

keep calm and sew on enamel lapel pin

I Can Fix It Seam Ripper Enamel Lapel Pin
We all know that with any project that there is the chance of one step forward, two steps back. After all, through mistakes we learn…right?
You are the master of fixing things. Quick as a whip with the Seam Ripper and ready to start again! Chanting to yourself…I can fix this.

Lets Get Stabby Embroidery Hoop Enamel Lapel Pin
Your needle is ready and your thread is unwound, now its time to get stabby!
True stitchers will understand the calm and relaxation that comes with stabbing fabric with a needle hundreds of times.

lets get stabby embroidery hoop enamel lapel pin

Make Do Mend Measuring Tape Enamel Lapel Pin
You're the master of making things work and giving life to what others toss aside.
You turn old into gold! Ruined into renewable!
You make, do and mend!

make do mend measuring tape enamel pin

3 of the designs will also be available as new needle minders!

new needle minders

I am so excited to be launching this enamel lapel pin collection and adding a few of these designs as new needle minders!

Launch special! The first 300 orders get a free Mischief Maker embroidered patch!

There are 6 enamel lapel pins and 3 needle minders in this collection and they launch this Thursday the 7th of September at 12pm AEST.

Which one is your favourite? (let me know in the comments!)

September 04, 2023 — Jubly Umph


Tara said:

These are awesome!! How about some crochet ones??? :P

Debie Toussaint said:

I love ❤️ all of them
They are so cute and would be perfect for my sewing group and me 🥰❤️

Paula Marshall said:

The teapot, because I sew, weave, AND collect teapots!

Karen said:

Oh no, I hate decisions. Well easy “fix” buy them all!! Yay!!!

Sharon Curnett said:

I sure hope you make your new collection in patches. Please, please, please, please, please🙁🙁🙏🙏

Sharon Curnett said:

I want them all !!!!!!

Kirsty Short said:

Love them all! Keep calm and sew on is my favourite followed by stitching is my therapy. Xx Thank you for creating this collection 💕💕

Rhon said:

What a beautiful collection
Sign me up for all of them
Too hard to choose, but Stitching is my therapy, cute bow tape measure , teapot, then scissors
Also the seam ripper and lets get stabby
So so clever..👏
Cant wait xx

Alejandra said:

These are all a sewers dream! Make Do Mend and Stitching is my therapy. Love them all! Already set my reminder for Thursday.

Jennifer Joy Walden said:

Make a choice!!! Too hard. Possibly Let’s Get Stabby as I can wear that to more places than just my sewing group/outings.

Rebecca Buchanan said:

Stitching is my therapy

Samantha said:

Please please please please please consider releasing the Mischief Maker pin as an earring set!!! So in love with this release

Cathy Bates said:

I love ‘Let’s get stabby’! I’m performing in a production of ‘Wuthering Heights’ in a few weeks and the director has my character embroidering a monogram throughout the show. At the rate I’m going, I’ll have to start a new one before we open! Definitely enjoying the stabbiness as a way to punctuate my lines!

Jen said:

Definitely will be asking for a Stitching is my Therapy for my birthday!

Pamela Lee said:

Hard decision- cycling between Mischief Maker, I can Fix it and Keep Calm and Sew on.

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