Craft Addict

I'll admit that I have a couple of obsessions that have been with me all my life. One is books(obv) and the other is making stuff.

When I was growing up we wern't allowed to sit inside all day playing computer games (well not until I was a teenager and then that's almost all i did) so we got crafty ALL THE TIME!!

maker sewing machine artwork for lapel pins

I was the 5 yo paint master, glue gun slinger, clay sculptor and master assembler.

And I was an entrepreneur, even then, making clay monstrosities to sell to my aunts and uncles, parents and grandparents(thanks for the early support btw). 

I made pasta landscapes and finger knitted scarves, decorated christmas cookies and household ornaments. 

I was, and still am a CRAFT ADDICT.

craft addict is someone who is obsessed with making things


These days making stuff has become my career and business. I get to make stuff all the time. I identify more as a maker than as an artist. I make pins, I make art, I make trouble and I make shit!!

lets make shit crafty enamel lapel pin

And I make stuff for you. Because I know you are just as crafty as me. 

Be wary they're sweary....

My new collection, Craft Addicts, is for people who are just like me. It features sewing machines and scissors, yarn balls and shields.  🔧🔨✂️🖌🖍

The collection launches on Thursday Aug 9th at 12pm

Are you a craft addict? Tell me what you are addicted to!




August 06, 2018 — Jubly Umph


Lyn Kuckhahn said:

All of the above 😂 I love to sew, knit, crochet, paint, draw, create stuff out of sticks and stuff from the garden, decorate cakes…etc etc

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