There are so many types of crafty folk it would be impossible to name them all.

I am probably a mix of Starter crafter (I start so many things) and Dark crafter (I start so many things with skulls) but can totally relate to the others too.

These 5 memes don’t perfectly describe any one type but I am sure there are some elements that are familiar to you. Whether you are a granny crafter, a yarn bomber, a glue-gun slinger or an old school seamstress we hope they brighten your day!


1. The Craft Collector

Do you hoard and store your craft in neat piles and colour combinations. you might just be a craft collector

If you had a sea cave it would be full to the brim with ribbons and scissors of all shapes and sizes. One of anything is not enough...and 20 of anything isn’t either. You line them up in neat rows and assign each item a specific task and place. You stare at them lovingly and run your fingers through all the lovely shapes and patterns and colours. You are not just a crafter: You are a collector.

2. The Frugal Crafter

if you get turned on by the words 'craft sale' and open every email from your favourite stores you might be a frugal crafter

If the words ‘craft sale’ turn you on and you run around madly grabbing armfuls of resin, plywood shapes and ribbon, you might be a frugal crafter. You never buy supplies unless they're on sale but when you do, you need a trailer to get it all home. Your wallet is full of platinum loyalty cards and you receive 5 newsletters a day from not just Spotlight and Riot Art, but also Michaels, hobby craft and every other hobby supply franchise; it doesn't matter where in the world they are.


3.The Dark Crafter

do you cover everything in skulls, knit green squids or wsew witches capes with sequin trim? you might just be a dark crafter


Do you like knitting Cthulhu dolls and sewing witches capes with sparkly trim? Then you might be a practitioner of 'the Dark Crafts'. Not content with sewing dresses or decorating mirrors, everything you do gets an extra little sprinkle of evil. Think skulls, glitter and matte black spray paint. When people ask you what you do on the weekends you reply 'I’m studying Defense of the Dark Crafts....'

4. The 'One Craft' Crafter

there is just one craft. ditch those friends who think otherwise

There is just one craft to rule them all. You just do one thing but it is your every-thing! You hate when people ask what you are knitting when you are obviously crocheting. Or you give your friends stink eye when they ask what you are sewing when you are obviously quilting. Do they know you at all!!! (its probably time to ditch those friends)

5. The Starter Crafter

Are you a starter crafter. do you start projects and never finish them

You see a tutorial on pinterest and just HAVE to try it yourself. So you race down to the craft store or jump on ebay and buy all the things you will need before launching head first into a crafty rampage. But mid way through you get distracted. Your child/husband/dog comes in crying for attention or a fun song comes on the radio that you just HAVE to dance to. Pretty soon you are clearing the dining room table with one arm and the project ends up as a sticky glittery mess in the corner.

Do any of these describe you? Or maybe a combination of types?

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August 10, 2018 — Jubly Umph

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