Enamel lapel pins are such a fun accessory and can really help you share your creativity and style through your outfit.

Here at Jubly-Umph we love creating enamel pins to help you feel proud of your passions (such as being a book lover, craft addict or artist), to give you a little reminder that you are brave or strong, or to help you express your sweary side.

One of the most common questions we get asked by people not familiar with out pins is- how do you wear them?

So here are my top 5 favourite ways to wear enamel pins!


  1. On a cardigan or jacket

A denim jacket is the perfect place for pins. They usually have pockets and a nice lapel just waiting to be decorated. You can keep it subtle and just have one small enamel pin and change it according to your mood or you can keep a permanent ‘pin jacket’ and add to it as you find new pieces for your collection.

Jubly-Umph enamel lapel pins on a red checked jacket

I also like to wear enamel pins on my cardigans as I find it finishes off an outfit. Unlike with a jacket I normally just wear one or two as the lighter material will flop if you wear too many pins.

Jubly-Umph enamel pins being worn on a denim jacket


  1. On a bag

Pins look super cute on bags and can really add some personality and be a conversation starter. I recommend having a dedicated pin bag or ita bag as the bar portion of the enamel pin could leave holes in the bag material. Having a dedicated pin bag also lets you display a lot of pins.

Jubly-Umph enamel lapel pins and patches on a backpack

enamel pins on cute pink bag

  1. On a hat

Pins look super cute on a beret, beanie or sun hat. There are so many creative ways you can display them. Wear them to the front or side.

sun hat with enamel pins

  1. On a lanyard

This is a favourite of teacher, office workers and book sellers (anyone who wears a lanyard to work really). Work lanyards tend to be super boring and adding a few choice pins can help individualise them.

  1. On your collar

The collar of a shirt or dress is the perfect place for a pin.

book enamel pin worn on a collar


These are my favourite ways to wear pins but there are so many more. If you have a special way to wear yours let me know in the comments.

October 24, 2022 — Jubly Umph

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