Book lovers are a very special type of person. They love nothing more than trudging through book shops, breathing in the musty odor of a vintage tome or leafing through pages of a newly released special edition. They are obsessive and proud and they love to show the world their pride. 

So what do you get the bibliophile in your life that is not a book? How about a gift that lets them display their bookish pride every day.

Here are my five favorite gifts for reading addicts, book lovers and literature buffs that are not books!

1. It's not hoarding if its books- A book themed book bag.

The most important aspect of a book tote bag is that it can carry a LOT of books. Many bags fail because they are just not strong enough but this is the tote bag you need. Able to carry up to 15 books the strong arms and heavy duty canvas are perfect for hitting up the second hand market, op shop or book sale. 

Find it here: 

 booktopus tote bag

2. Book Nerd - Enamel book pins

This is the perfect gift for the bookish man or woman in your life. Featuring slogans such as Book Nerd, Reading Addict, Plot Twist and Book Monster they can be worn on a collar, bag, work lanyard or cardigan.

Find them here: 


3. Read Or Die- The ultimate tshirt for book lovers

When reading is your life then you are going to need a t-shirt that says; Read Or Die! These bookish tees are the perfect gift for the die-hard bibliophile. They tell the world that you love books and aren't afraid to show it. Available in a range of styles and fits and from sizes XS to 5XL

See them here: 


4. So Many Books, So Little Time- A Bookish art print

Whats the best way for a reading addict to decorate their work space, library, bedroom or house? With book artwork of course. These original artworks will show the world that You Came, You Saw and You Read.

See them here: 

 so many books art print by Jubly-Umph

5. I Love Reading- A bookish enamel pin gift set

If you cant quite decide which enamel lapel pins to get you favorite book lover then why not grab a handy gift set. Featuring 3 bookish pins on a themed card.

See them all here

 I love reading- enamel lapel pins for book lovers

Bonus item: A Literary Bestiary book

Ok i know I said bookish gifts that weren't books but this book is the ultimate book for book lovers. The beastiary features 13 famous authors recreated as animals with punny names. You will meed Edgar Allan Crow, Louisa May Owlcott, Jane Austhen and friends. 

If you like puns and animals and books then this is the book for you!

Find it here: 

 A literary Bestiary book


May 28, 2019
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