Here at Jubly-Umph we've created a new collection: The Craft-tea Crafty Lapel Pin Collection.

It's a comprehensive collection of the best tools for all the Sew-ciopaths and Craft-tea drinkers out there who just want to get on with whatever crafty business they're needing to be getting on with: The kind of crafter who can't stand to be disturbed (because people are super annoying and...why won't you people just leave me alone already?)

Here's a peek at the artwork behind the collection. 

You can see all the pieces HERE


1. Procraftinator Glue Gun.



The basis of most crafts is sticking things together. Fabric, paper or glitter: All need a good dab of glue to make them into something special. Also, glue is good for keeping doors and windows permanently closed because when you're crafting, you're not to be disturbed. 


2. Sew-ciopath Sewing Machine.


No serious sewing fanatic can be without a trusty sewing machine. Every single bit of sewing one could ever need to do can be completed perfectly well on any old Singer, Husqvarna etc. (insert your weapon/brand of choice here). Also, sewing machines are fantastic for sewing blackout curtains to keep the world away from you while you sew up a frenzy in your 'craft lair'.


3. Craft-tea tea.


Marathon crafting sessions can be very, very difficult. Maintaining your concentration for extended periods of time, sometimes into the wee small hours of the morning is hard...Unless you've got a big pot of craft-tea to help pull you through. There's nothing more stimulating than a hot cup of Craft-tea to help you keep creating.

 See the collection HERE

June 03, 2019 — Bold Commerce Collaborator


Monica said:

Love the sewing machine pin…I have an old metal Husqvarna, exactly that shade of green. I have inherited it from my mum, so it is about 55 years old. Still working too!!

Shamile McBroom said:

I’m new to your designs but can’t wait to purchase some of the pins especially the “Caraft-Tea”

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