Recently I discovered the amazing and wonderful hashtag #bookstagram on instagram an since then I have been stuck in a book loving instagram loop adding lots of book bloggers and sharing my own bookish pictures and stories.


Anyone who has been following Jubly-Umph will know that I love books. I collect them, obsess over them, take pictures of them and them.


I was quite proud of some of my new insta book flat lays, even though they don't hold a bar next to some of the amazing pics shared online. So here is a quick look at some of my favourite books in my collection as well as new things I am reading.



Mary Shelleys Frankenstein goes perfectly with Jubly-Umphs Frankenstein necklace and cookies and coffee
# bookish Evening treat of cookies and coffee and Frankenstein. Have you read it? I read it years ago. I have always been enchanted by the story behind the book. On the shores on Lake Geneva in 1816 Mary Shelley, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Lord Byron and friends challenged themselves to write the ultimate ghost story. "I busied myself to think of a story," she recalled, "One which would speak to the mysterious fears of our nature and awaken thrilling horror." Mary conceived the monster in a sort-of vision. She began writing the story the next day and completed the novel the following year.
Brevertons Book Of Nautical Curiosities is my favourite reference book for all things sea!
#Booknerd Breverton's Nautical Curiosities is my favourite nautical reference book and contains information around ships, sailing, sailors and the sea. Unlike other compendiums it it full of obscure and interesting stories, famous ships and slang, a lot of which has made its way into everyday language.Terms such as 'above board', 'booby prize', 'the bitter end' and 'blind drunk' all come from old sailor phrases... Pictured with a little hand painted box I bought in India many years ago, paint brushes and the Wanderlust brooch
Brevertons Book Of Nautical Curiosities pictured with the Jubly-Umph Sailing Ship necklace. The perfect nautical companion
#bibliophile An inside shot of Brevertons Nautical Curiosities pictured with my Sailing Ship necklace(also available as a brooch)
vintage tattoos. My favourite reference book on tattoos
#bookaddict One of my favourite reference books, Vintage Tattoos. I love collecting reference books and looking at all the pictures. I actually love it when there are pictures in all books. Some people think that it damages the imagination. That you don't get the full experience from a book, such as a novel, when it contains pictures, but I like nothing better than to get a glimpse of a castle or a dapper leading man in illustration form. Are you a fan of pictures in books? Book is Vintage Tattoos by Carol Clerk, Necklace is by Jubly-Umph
Readers gotta read book brooch
#bookworm Cookies,camera, coffee and books... Featuring the book brooch
Whats in my bag? Eragon novel, skull wallet, sketchbook and pens...always pens
#whatimreading In my bag today is a copy of Eragon which I have just started reading. I realise I am a bit late to the party with this one but I am happy to be reading the book before seeing the movie. Full of dragons, magic glory and destiny it seems like the perfect book!  Green Skull Bag and Frida wallet is by Jubly-Umph


Readers gotta read book brooch, tea and happiness
#bookstagram Flatlay of Brevertons, Readers Gotta Read Book brooch and tea, books and happiness spoon...
June 01, 2016 — Jubly Umph

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