Handbags available from Cobalt Heights in New Zealand

1. Tell us a little bit about who you are and where we can find your store?
My name is Sian Francis, and I am the Owner / Operator / General Dogs Body of Cobalt Heights. I am also a mum to two little boys aged 2 and 4. While we are essentially an online company based out of Rotorua, New Zealand I also make a point of getting out and about as often as possible to various shows and expos. We try to get to all the big ones we can in the North Island such as Beach Hop, The Very Vintage Day Out and both of the Tattoo Expos as well as our smaller local fairs in the Bay Of Plenty. We offer free shipping New Zealand wide and our website is always changing with over 450 different products up at any given time. 

Sian Francis owner of Cobalt Heights in New Zealand

2. Does your store have a theme or focus?
I am a fly by the seat of my pants kinda girl. I like different and so do my customers, so if its cool or unique then we are totally into it! We tend to lean towards the alternative  side of womens fashion but there is no set theme or focus other than it must be gear that you cant find just anywhere (hey! that rhymes! it could be our new motto!). I take great pride in our range and am always looking for fresh, new styles. At the moment we have new stock arriving pretty much daily! Its total chaos but that's the way I like it.

Cobalt Heights stocks a wide range of products

3. What kind of products and brands do you stock?
In a nutshell - Ladies Nice Stuff! We are authorised New Zealand Stockists of Too Fast, Iron Fist, Banned Apparel, Loungefly, Starstruck Clothing, InkAddict, Sourpuss Clothing and of course Jubly Umph! If I'm honest, handbags are my first love and as a result we have a huge range in stock. We also carry a select range of shoes, clothing and homewares. When Cobalt Heights was first formed we dealt strictly in costume jewellery and as a result, jewellery will always be big part of our range - I am super nerdy and ship a ton of Fandoms so our Inspired range is pretty amazing.

4. What things are inspiring you lately?
I find inspiration in the freedom which comes from being your own boss and not having to live within the confines of someone elses rules. I truly love my job and firmly believe that everyone should have the right to dress or look however they want. My other inspirations are my two smelly little boys. Their joy for life and delight in the world around them reminds me of how lucky we are to live on this beautiful planet right now. Things may not be perfect out there but they are better than they used to be in many ways. Its a pretty glorious time to be alive! 

Lots of Jubly-Umph handbags available

5. How long have you been in Business. 
Cobalt Heights has just recently celebrated its 4th birthday! 

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Website: www.cobaltheights.co.nz
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June 09, 2016 — Jubly Umph


Leah said:

Yay, love buying stuff from Sian! Have purchased both my jubly handbag and wallet from her ad will be buying a new set sometime in the future too!!

Sian Francis said:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured! Jubly Umph is one of my fave ranges! I am incredibly tempted to start stocking the gorgeous Art Work as well….

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