You know you are a badass feminist babe but sometimes you feel like you need a little something to help you display this to the world. A token perhaps, or a little saying. Something that, every time you look down at your shirt or catch sight of your bag, you are reminded of it and smile to yourself...

Jubly-Umph feminist enamel lapel pins are just the thing you need! they serve as little reminders you can wear every day. reminders that you are brave and strong. That you can take on the world, become a hero or just tell everyone to fuck off(some days are like that)!

They are little and gold and shiny and let you display your girl power pride!

Here are my top 10 badass feminist lapel pins!

1. Feminist Heart Gold Enamel Pin

The perfect accompaniment for your collar, jacket or bag this little pin lets the world know exactly where you stand. 

red feminist heart enamel lapel pin



2. Be Your Own Hero Pin

You dont need to wait around for a muscle man in tight jocks and a cape. You can put on your pussy hat to fight like a girl and become your own hero!

be your own hero hard enamel lapel pin


3. Trouble Rose Enamel Lapel Pin

Break the mold, disrupt the patriarchy, and generally cause trouble! Wear this pin to show the world you are not a delicate little flower but a powerful female, and rose with thorns...

trouble rose feminism flair lapel pin


4. Purr-sist Kitty Cat Feminist Pin

It can be hard fighting for womens liberation and feminism all the time. People will try to beat you down, tell you you're not worthy or that you 'already have equality'. This little gold cat pin is here to remind you to persist. 

this little kitty enamel pin will remind you to pursist


5. The Future Is Yours

This crystal ball will show you the future, and it is all yours. Proudly display it to show the world that the future is female!

this crystal ball enamel pin will tell you that the future is yours


6. You Can Bee Anything Enamel Pin

Wear your feminist flair with this bee pin. It reminds you that despite all the setbacks that you might face things are changing. You can bee anything!

a little gold feminist queen bee pin to tell you that you can bee anything


7. Saucy Sauce Bottle Pin

Some days you feel sassy and some days you feel saucy. This pin is for the saucy days.

saucy sauce bottle pin



8. Fuck Off Heart Lapel Pin

Some days subtlety doesn't work. Some days you just need to tell people to fuck off!! Wear this little pin on those days. 

fuck off heart sweary feminist enamel lapel pins

9. Strength Glitter Hard Enamel Pin

Sometimes you need a reminder that you are strong enough and good enough. This little potion of power will remind you of your strength every time you wear it.

glitter heart potion bottle brooch filled with magic strength

10. Stay Weird Soft Enamel Pin

People will want you to change. They dont like that you are different. But you need to stand up to the pressures of society and stay true to yourself. Stay weird!

this little soft enamel lapel pin reminds you to stay weird every day

April 09, 2018 — Jubly Umph

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